Holder Volcano

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Letter to humanity

Well, Hello, Man!

How is your health? Still hiding behind a medical mask, afraid to go outside?

What are you afraid of, you are the king of nature!

You, for the sake of wealth, power and domination in the world, are secretly developing new types of weapons of mass destruction, hypersonic cruise missiles equipped with nuclear warheads, to gnaw at your own throats, turning beautiful Islands and Paradise atolls into nuclear polegons, burying deadly nuclear radioactive waste in the forests, in the seas and oceans, polluting the water and air, not caring about the health of mother nature, which is deteriorating day by day, hour by hour.

You do not listen to environmental scientists who sound the alarm, ring all the bells, warning you that the exhaust gases of cars, from chemical vapors that rise from the chimneys of your factories, from harmful substances like herbicides and pestidcides, from radionuclides suffocate poor nature and the planet.

She's got half her lungs gone. Not only that, you destroyed her artificial lung ventilation device, mercilessly destroying centuries-old forests, the rest were burned in fires. Don't say that the forests on the planet burn by themselves, they say that the greenhouse effect is to blame for this. The greenhouse effect on the planet occurs only from smoke, from carbon dioxide that rises into the atmosphere from the multi-million-dollar pipes of oil processing plants, metallurgical plants of thermal power plants, where coal, peat, coke, gas and uranium are burned in Nuclear power plants, from car exhaust gases that do not allow the penetration of sunlight on the surface of our planet, accelerating global warming in the world.

Here, to warn you again, mother nature has taken out her little weapon, which is difficult to see even under a microscope. Against which your multi - million-strong army, bacteriological, chemical weapons, thermonuclear and hydrogen bombs that you have created, tanks, rocket ships, supersonic aircraft bombers, anti-aircraft installations, hypersonic cruise missile carriers with nuclear warheads, ultra-modern missile defense installations are powerless.

Where is your courage, where is your power?!

You greet each other with your elbow and walk down the street, avoiding each other like a zombie, afraid of catching a dangerous virus. You empty the shelves in stores and markets without even leaving toilet paper for others.

You buy tons of dry food and canned goods, stock up, hide in the basement of your mansion, not even leaving a share of the poor children who grow up in poor families who are not able to buy food.

Man, did you find out your price today? Open your sleepy eyes wide!Don't pollute the environment anymore! Watch the health of mother nature! Give her your artificial lung ventilation devicethat is, the woods!

Instead of creating weapons of mass destruction, you'd better come up with equipment that can somehow improve the health of nature and the planet Earth!

Take care of your one, floating, mud-brick house!



4:13 PM.

Canada, Ontario.


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