Holder Volcano

Member of the Uzbek Union of Writers


Opinions and suggestions

I, as one of the representatives of the Uzbek intelligence, support the implementation of political and economic reforms carried out by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Mr. Mirziyoyev Shavkat Miromonovich.

Especially democratic processes to protect freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the spheres of public life of the people.

Using my constitutional rights, I want to express my opinion on various issues under consideration and I believe that the construction of nuclear power plant on the territory of Uzbekistan should be stopped immediately, before it is too late.

Yes, we representatives of all nationalities who live in the Republic of Uzbekistan should live in peace and harmony not only with Russia but also with all the countries of the world. But this too expensive and dangerous nuclear facility should not become a lever of political pressure in the future, a geopolitical trap in the region, making our state dependent.

It is all the same as a wood chips for a campfire, but a match that is in the hands of another person.

If we want our Republic to be free and independent, we cannot implement this project, because the future generation may not forgive us for this terrible mistake.

One Uzbek expert correctly said that a Nuclear reactor and power unit is not a furnace, so that uranium is thrown into the furnace with shovels, like coal.

Uranium still needs to be enriched. And uranium enrichment requires considerable costs.

The most dangerous thing is that the construction of such a facility in the earthquake-prone regions of Central Asia is fraught with catastrophic consequences. It's a ticking time bomb. We must not forget for a second about the terrible man-made nuclear disasters in Chernobyl and Fukushima.

My specific suggestions on this matter:

1. In order to generate electricity, we must build giant Solar power plants in the steppes and deserts of our solar country, since Solar Power is thousands of times safer and cheaper than Nuclear or Hydroelectric power.
In addition, we need to place solar panels on the roofs of residential buildings.

2. It is necessary to re-equip the power distribution system of the Republic, replacing it with a low-voltage system.

The standard voltage in the former soviet union is still 220 volts, when the voltage in the canadian power grid is only 110 volts.

We need an underground power transmission line that ensures energy security and uninterrupted operation of our country's power distribution system.

3. We should also build houses using canadian technology, heating them with a gas boiler, where gas is distributed safely and economically.

1:26 am.
Canada, Ontario.