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President Mirziyoev is a visionary strategist

I was initially a supporter of President Mirziyoyev, as if foreshadowing his coming to power in 2012, and I was not mistaken. Mr. Mirziyoyev became the President of Uzbekistan. Many Uzbeks of Afghan origin are still surprised when talking about my predictions of the development of political processes in the country that I once made and their reaction, and to this day, are in awe. In fact, there is nothing surprising here. This is a simple result of sober analytical monitoring. Yes, in one of my previous articles it was said that the President of the country should not hold the post of president for no more than two terms. But today, in such a difficult time, in the changing climate of world politics, the situation is changing. Today, our country is in dire need of a pragmatic politician, such as President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who knows how to find a compromise in resolving political problems by applying tactical methods of conflict resolution. I am also an ardent opponent of those who call President Mirziyoyev a political vassal. No, he is not a vassal! So that our words are not empty, let's give a vivid example. For example, when Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Samarkand to attend the SCO summit, he was met at the airport by Uzbek Prime Minister Abdullah Aripov. This proves once again that President Mirziyoyev is not a vassal, but a worthy, reliable leader, a devoted son of the Uzbek people. We Uzbeks, regardless of nationality, race and religion, should unite around the Head of our state, President Mirziyoyev, and give him a chance to complete the planned reforms, such as speeding up democratic processes in society, attracting foreign capital, while reducing the state tax for foreign investors. (So that this economic lure attracts the attention of influential foreign investors.)
May our multinational independent Uzbekistan prosper without any wars, maintaining the balance of socio-political stability, raising to a new level of development of comprehensive strategic partnership and economic cooperation with all countries of the world!

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