Великий русский юморист Геннадий Хазанов, который мы уважаем от чистого сердца.



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The Watchman

(The story)

This story is dedicated to the great Russian humorist Gennady Hazanov.

Duglat Dutarovich works as a watchman at a log warehouse. His replacement, Ivan Baltazarovich Spiridonov, recently died, and he was buried in the city cemetery with all honors. Despite the fact that Duglat Dutarovich is a Muslim, he still decided to go and attend the wake of his late replacement Spridonov Ivan Baltazarovich. The deceased was an Orthodox Christian and even wore a small wooden cross on his long neck. On Sundays, he went to church, lit candles for the repose of the souls of his departed parents. When black clouds were approaching and a thunderstorm began, rattling with thunderclaps, Ivan Baltazarovich Spiridonov, looking at the sky, crossed himself widely, asking his god Jesus Christ for salvation. But for some reason, God did not save him. Either he did not pray as he should, or God did not hear his prayers. It so happened that he tragically died. When unloading the wagons, the cable of the crane suddenly broke, and poor Ivan Baltazarovich Spridonov was left under the rubble of huge logs. Oh, life is an echoing tin can. The person was alive just yesterday, rejoiced, and now he is gone.
With such thoughts, Duglat Dutarovich went into the room where it was planned to celebrate the wake. Candles were burning on the table, and drinks, snacks and all sorts of delicious things were neatly laid out. Rudolf Makarovich Nikiforov, the head of the department, was the first to take the floor. Holding a glass of excellent vodka in his hand, he began to say:
- Dear last guests of our late compatriot Ivan Baltazarovich Spiridonov! Let us remember our dear faithful friend, the modest and honest caretaker of our log warehouse!
All the guests together, as a single organism, got up from their seats with glasses of moonshine in their hands. Everyone was standing without a headdress. Only Douglat Dutarovich was wearing a skullcap, since it is not customary for Muslims to attend funerals and other events without a headdress. The guests, of course, paid attention to his headdress, but no one began to make comments to him. Everyone reacted calmly, with understanding and tolerance.
- Ivan Baltazarovich was truly a great person!- Rudolf Makarovich Nikiforov continued, - As far as I know, he never wished harm to anyone. he always helped with everything he could. Unfortunately, a disaster happened, and our dear friend Baltazarich was left under the rubble of pine logs, which he loved, which he called his countrymen from distant Russia! Whenever birch logs were unloaded from the car, he secretly cried, wiping his tears with a cap and whispering "my poor white birches! You are lying here, instead of growing up under the low windows of Russian huts, swaying and ringing in the free wandering wind!" - he said with tears in his eyes. As if hearing his touching words, the pine logs also wept silently, dropping amber resinous tears. Oh, what a magnificent person with an open soul we have lost! This is a great loss for our friendly team! Dear Ivan Baltazarovich, sleep well, let your grave's ground be soft and your soul in paradise! - in conclusion, the head of the department Rudolf Makarovich said, crossing himself finely. He then drank the vodka in one gulp, emptying the faceted glass.
Everyone repeated the movements of zavsklad Rudolf Makarovich, except Duglat Dutarovich, who could not cross himself in any way. His hand did not obey him. But he drank a glass of moonshine to the bottom, and putting his lips to his sleeve, overcoming the burning of the strong drink. After that, everyone sat down together, ate, drank, talked, remembering the deceased with a kind word. Then they ate and drank and talked again. Meanwhile, Duglat Dutarovich got drunk and began to cry bitterly. It was as if all the moonshine he had drunk had seeped out of the cracks of his narrow eyes, turning into bitter tears. - Poor Baltazarich! My friend! Seni Khudo rahmat kilsin, dostim! (Allah bless you, my friend!) - he cried, continuing to speak:- You lived in Uzbekistan, but you always thought about your distant homeland, which is Russia. Do you remember when we used to roast Russian vodka from cups in the guardhouse of our warehouse? Outside, snow was falling, covering the roofs of houses, the road, trees and neatly stacked pine and birch logs. The guard dog in the kennel was barking lazily.Snowflakes swirled weightlessly under the hanging creaking lantern, like a swarm of mosquitoes. Divine silence reigned. It was as if the neighborhood had fallen silent to listen to the gentle rustle of snow. After drinking the next shot to the bottom, you said that not only money brought you to work, but also the smell, the resinous aroma of pine logs, which reminds you of the smell of Russian coniferous forests, where your carefree childhood passed! You often wore a skullcap and a chapan, you loved Uzbekistan. You spoke fluent Uzbek without an accent. You have always said that Uzbekistan is your second homeland and all the people who live in this sunny country, regardless of race, nationality, traditions and religious affiliation, should live in peace and harmony, respecting and piously observing the Constitution and laws of our sovereign state of Uzbekistan and speak the state language. That's why we all loved and respected you, Vanya! You were our red-haired Uzbek.We will never forget you... What a ridiculous death, oh, my God?!- he cried into his skullcap.
One of the people present began to calm him down.
- Easy, brother. Why are you crying? Well, what are we supposed to do? The time will come when we will die and we will be buried again. Edo paddock briroda, bonimaezh? Here, drink this homemade rye brew, which was made a year ago. It'll make it easier for you, " he said, handing him another portion of murky moonshine in a faceted glass.
Duglat Dutarovich drank the contents and passed out completely. He woke up under a wooden fence, where nettles were swaying in the wind. He stood up quickly. He found his skullcap, shook the dust off it, put it on his head and looked around. He felt ashamed. He then staggered down the sidewalk. Passer-byes avoided him, not wanting to run into a drunk person and get themselves into unnecessary problems. Everything inside Duglat Dutarovich was burning. He was terribly thirsty. It seemed to him that he could not quench his thirst, even if he drank the whole ocean to the bottom. He was delighted to see a water tap from which transparent water, the moisture of life, was noisily pouring out. Duglat Dutarovich rushed to the water tap and began to drink water directly from the tap, putting his mouth to the pipe. Grabbing the faucet with his hands, he greedily drank water. But he couldn't get drunk. Douglat Dutarovich was even scared, thinking that he had gotten diabetes mellitus. Wiping his mouth with his skullcap, he continued on his way, walking along the sidewalk like a zombie. He felt like a soldier on the battlefield who was crushed by an enemy tank. He really wanted to rest somewhere and get some more sleep. Douglat Dutarovich was also afraid of patrol and post policemen who could send him to a sobering-up center.
With such thoughts, he went to the bus stop and sat down on a bench. Then he lay down, covering his head with the edge of his jacket, and fell asleep. He was woken up by a man of about forty-five, tall, dressed in a tuxedo and with a bow tie around his neck.
- Hey, comrade, wake up! Why are you lying here? Are you feeling ill? "No, I'm fine," he said. I was just sitting here and fell asleep without noticing it myself, " Duglat Dutarovich replied, getting up and adjusting his skullcap. - Well, thank God. I thought... But you will forgive me if I interrupted your sweet dream, in the most interesting place-said the stranger, smiling politely. - No, no, sir. Everything is fine. My name is Douglat. Duglat Dutarovich. I work as a watchman in a warehouse - Duglat Dutarovich introduced himself.
- What a meeting! It turns out that we are colleagues, dear Douglat Dutarovich. I'm glad to meet you.My name is Abu Insan ibn Diyonat, - the man in the tuxedo said.
- Yes? I can't believe it. Judging by your clothes, I can assume that you work as a watchman in a large international bank. Or work as part of a special unit and protect the president of the country - said Duglat Dutarovich.
- This is a trade secret, dear colleague. Wherever we work, our work is very responsible and difficult. When everyone is sleeping a sweet sleep, we work with you, we go back and forth, guarding property, when the moon is shining quietly and the stars are burning like diamonds in the high sky... Why are we standing here? Let's go to a cafe and continue the conversation over a cup of tea or coffee, " suggested Abu Insan ibn Diyonat.
- Well, that's not a bad idea-agreed Douglat Dutarovich.
- And, talking, they went in the direction of an expensive restaurant.
Seeing this, Douglat Dutarovich stopped.
- Excuse me, colleague Abu Insan ibn Diyonat, where are we going? This is an expensive restaurant! There are such expensive dishes there that even my meager symbolic monthly salary will not be enough for half of a portion! - Duglat Dutarovich said, stepping back.
- Oh, come on, dear colleague. Don't be afraid. I'm treating you - Abu Insan ibn Diyonat reassured Douglat Dutarovich.
- Well, if you are treating me, then, perhaps, we can look in, - said Douglat Dutarovich.
They went into a luxurious restaurant and sat down at a table on which fresh roses smelled in porcelain vases, silver spoons and forks with knives lay, candles burned on gilded candelabra. Rich people in tuxedos and bow ties were sitting around. They drank cognac, ate caviar and smoked fragrant cigars. On the stage, one thin and shaggy musician selflessly, constantly closing his eyes, played Strauss' music on the violin. Some gentlemen danced with their ladies to the beat of the music. The waiter came with a white towel on his wrist and a notebook in his hands.
- What will you order, gentlemen? - the waiter asked politely with a pleasant Gagarin smile. The watchman Abu Insan ibn Diyonat, having studied the menu, ordered three dishes and French cognac with Scottish wine, plus dessert. Hearing what Abu Insan ibn Diyonatordered, the watchman Duglat Dutarovich almost got up from his seat and ran out of the restaurant.
- How can we afford such a thing, dear colleague?! - Duglat Dutarovich became worried - This is the food and drink of the rich! You and I are just pathetic watchmen. If you are counting on me, then stop this madness immediately, before it's too late! I don't even have enough money to ask how much one serving of food costs in this restaurant!
- Well, what are you so, eh, colleague? People are looking at us. I promised you that I would treat you. You sit quietly and don't worry. We will celebrate our meeting with you properly, " said the watchman Abu Insan ibn Diyonat.
- Well, all right, colleague, all right. But remember, I warned you in the presence of this waiter. I will not pay a penny if there is any problem with the payment. That is, all the responsibility falls on you - said Duglat Dutarovich, perplexed and not understanding the actions of his colleague. The waiter left. Douglat Dutarovich looked with fright and surprise at the rich visitors of the restaurant and at the huge crystal chandeliers, at the mirrors, at the shaggy musician who was playing Strauss in a trance, deftly moving his bow. The violin was crying, and people were laughing, laughing, glasses were clinking. Finally, the waiter brought everything they had ordered.
- Well, where do we start, colleague? With French cognac or with Scotch whiskey? - Abu Insan ibn Diyonat, the watchman, asked.
- I don't care. I am ready to drink even ink or kerosene.If only there was a buzz, - said Douglat Dutarovich, thrusting the tip of a napkin into the collar of his checkered winter shirt, wielding a jingling silver fork and knife, as if preparing to eat in an aristocratic way.
- Well, then we will drink French cognac, - said the watchman Abu Insan ibn Diyonat, pouring cognac from a crystal decanter into thin glasses that tinkled.
- Come on, colleague, let's drink to our meeting! Abu Insan ibn Diyonatsaid, raising his glass.
And, clinking their glasses, they drank the first shots. The cognac was pleasant. Colleagues first had a snack, then they began to eat super-expensive delicacies with an appetite. The watchman Abu Insan ibn Diyonatwas eating the first course. Looking at him, Douglat Dutarovich put down his fork and knife and also took a spoon. He began to slurp the delicious soup, dipping bread into it. Then they drank again and continued to eat.
At this moment, a group of rich people came into the restaurant. Among them were women in expensive dresses, with gold rings on their fingers and with gold chains on their delicate necks. Suddenly one of the men of this company stopped abruptly and, looking at the watchman Abu Insan ibn Diyonat, was terribly happy.
-Oh-oh-oh, that's da-a-aa! Our dear host, Mr. Abu Insan ibn Diyonat, is also here, it turns out! Hello, boss! - he said and, going to the table where his colleagues were sitting, greeted the watchman Abu Insan ibn Diyonatin an embrace. He also greeted Douglat Dutarovich, firmly shaking his hand. The other members of the company also ran to Abu Insan ibn Diyonatand began to greet him, hugging him tightly. The women kissed Abu Insan ibn Diyonat. But when they saw Duglat Dutarovich, their mood changed dramatically,and their ringing laughter stopped. They looked at Duglat Dutarovich as if he were an unwashed savage, as if he were a steppe gopher. Abu Insan ibn Diyonatintroduced them to Duglat Dutarovich.
- This, Duglat Dutarovich, is my colleague! - he introduced him.
- Oo-oo, your colleague?! Wow! The director of a large corporation, then! It was very nice to meet your friend, a successful and modest businessman! - the guy said, shaking hands with Duglat Dutarovich again.
Hearing this, the women smiled again and began to laugh, stretching out their tender hands to Duglat Dutarovich.
- Very nice! My name is Matlyuba! And my name is Malika! - they smiled.
- What a grand meeting, my God! Hey waiters! Let's connect our table with the table of our esteemed boss! - the guy shouted.
The waiters quickly connected the tables, and the company sat down at them, as if at a banquet, as at a magnificent wedding. A real feast of aristocrats began. Horse, whiskey, wine, fun, laughter, laughter. The man raised a glass to the health of the watchman Abu Insan ibn Diyonat, said the following:
- Dear host, Mr. Abu Insan ibn Diyonat! Today, reading the stock exchange news in the American magazine "Forbes", I learned that your fortune today is one trillion dollars! Please accept my congratulations, dear Abu Insan ibn Diyonat!
-Thank you, my friend, - Abu Insan ibn Diyonat said. Hearing this, Duglat Dutarovich's jaw dropped in surprise. -No, it can't be like that! It's either a mirage or a dream. Or some kind of practical joke. These rich aristocrats are probably mocking me, he thought. Meanwhile, the fun continued. More toasts, clinking glasses, laughter, dancing and all that.
After these words, Duglat Dutarovich got drunk again. He got up from his seat with a glass in his hand and began to speak: - Dear colleagues! I want to tell you a funny story! - In short, my wife and I, in order to boost the economy of our family, sometimes work in two shifts. One day I told my wife, who works as a cleaner at school, that I would wake her up at midnight, when our children were asleep and we were doing important things. She said that this is impossible, since we have the same room and our children sleep next to me. Also my mother. A little bit that they can wake up. I'm saying, don't worry, honey. I made it up. In short, we will carefully tie your big toe with a thin rope with a sea knot, then, when our children fall asleep with my beloved mother-in-law, I will pull the rope and you will wake up. She agreed. I tied my wife's big toe with a rope and began to look forward to the historic moment. Our children and my beloved mother-in-law finally fell asleep. My wife, too. - Just right - I thought, my eyes flashing in the pitch darkness and pulled the rope. Then my wife jumped out of bed in fright, shouting: - Waaaay! Wai daaaad, what is this?! Help! Hearing her scream, the children woke up. My mother-in-law, did too. They started screaming in terror, hugging each other. -I say to my wife: - why are you shouting, you fool! It's me! Have you forgotten our agreement?! But they were all shouting, trembling with fear.Then, frightened by the noise, our cat jumped, turning over pots and other utensils in the kitchen. And there our angry dog began to bark loudly and nervously. Then the chickens in the coop began to cackle, the geese began to cackle with a trumpet voice, the turkeys made a noise, blushing up to their necks, the cows began to low like ferries on a foggy river, the sheep and goats also bleated with all their might from fright. Our pigs grunted terribly, screamed, as if they were being slaughtered. As if this was not enough, our donkey began to search, stretching his head out of the stable doorway, closing his eyes and showing his large front teeth. Hearing the noise, the neighbors began to wake up one by one, turning on the lights and not making them wait for a long time, they came running in a crowd with pitchforks and rakes in their hands, thinking that a gang of robbers armed to the teeth had broken into our house. Someone called the police and a masked assault team quickly arrived with machine guns in their hands, as well as an ambulance with a fire brigade, with a heart-rending scream, howling sirens. The police interrogated the witnesses, drew up a protocol and took me away in an ambulance to a madhouse - the watchman Duglat Dutarovich said, finishing his story.
Listening to his story, the rich people laughed for a long time, dying of laughter. Especially Abu Insan ibn Diyonat.
When they went outside, a single moon was shining in the sky and the stars were twinkling. Duglat Dutarovich wanted to say goodbye and leave, but Abu Insan ibn Diyonat held him back.
- Wait, where are you, a colleague, going for the night looking? Here are the guys who will take you home on these carts, " he said, pointing to expensive Lamborghini and Rolls Royce limousines. Douglat Dutarovich swung like a pendulum and, looking at the watchman Abu Insan ibn Diyonat, said in surprise:
- I'm sorry, colleague. I'm kind of perplexed. You're... hick!..they told me that you also work as a watchman. And you, it turns out, are a billionaire! Or me... hick!.. are you imagining all this? That is, you are a billionaire, not a watchman... It is not good to deceive and mock poor people, Mr. Abu Insan ibn Diyonat, - he said.
-So what of it? - I'm a trillionaire.But I, in fact, am also a simple watchman, just like you, dear colleague. Yes, yes, don't be surprised...Here you are guarding the property of the warehouse, right?! And then what is the difference between me and you, if I live every day, every hour, every minute without days off, guarding my wealth, which is spinning in the major banks of the world, gold and diamonds stored in safe vaults in Switzerland, as well as securities, such as stocks and bonds on the stock exchange, watching day and night for the fall of indices in the financial market and then.I have only recently come to the conclusion that all these years I have not lived, but only worked as a watchman, day and night, carefully protecting my wealth, my life, the lives of my loved ones. It turns out that from the president of the country to the common man, everyone is a watchman and protects themselves, their family, their country and their property from someone or something in this crazy world in this fleeting life, having never learned to protect themselves from their own desires, which lead to deep disappointment at the end of our life - Abu Insan ibn Diyonat explained.
Then Duglat Dutarovich woke up and saw a policeman.
- Citizen, stand up. You can't sleep in public places, - he said.
Duglat Dutarovich got up, asked for forgiveness and walked along the path towards the log warehouse, remembering that he had to change his new replacement tonight.

4: 30 p.m.
Brampton, Canada.



Holder Volcano

Member of the Uzbek Union of Writers


- When we entered your cave, your wife said that you were 750 years old. Your daughter is 170 and your son will soon turn 300. Is this true, or did I hear it wrong?
- Yes, it's true, Lainjon Lanat. I'm actually 750 years old. Do I look older or something? - Baltabalyk said.
- That's just it. You look very young. I just wonder, how can a person live so long? - Lainjon Lanat was surprised.
- And what, people don't live so long on your Earth? - Baltabalyk asked in surprise.
- Our people live on average 50-60 years. We have polluted air, countless factories were smoking day and night all over the planet, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and the radiation is off the scale, - Yakan ibn Hakan replied.
- What are you guys joking about? - Baltabalyk was surprised again.
- Honest pioneer- said Lainjon Lanat.
- Well, you poor earthlings! Our monkeys even live longer than you! - Baltabalyk exclaimed.
- If people on Earth would live as long as you do, then our dictators would sit in the presidential chair for 2000 years!



Yakan ibn Khaqan

(The fantastic story)

The endless quarrels of his wife simply exhausted Yakan ibn Khaqan and forced him to fly to the planet "Gurrabash" to bring back precious stones, exchanging them for dung. It turns out that in Gurrabash, dung is the most expensive material, like gold and diamonds here. And precious metals and precious stones have no value, like dung on our globe. Yakan ibn Khaqan had been preparing for a long and dangerous flight for a long time, carefully checking the technical serviceability of his flying saucer.Then, taking his driver's license and passport, he flew to the planet "Gurrabash", loading as many dung as possible into the trunk of his flying saucer, which he collected in the meadows all summer. His saucer flew at breakneck speed through space rocks such as meteorites, asteroids, fragments that sometimes crashed into the thick bulletproof windshield of the aircraft unit. Despite this, the spacecraft of Yakan ibn Khaqan continued its journey through the vast expanses of boundless space, illuminating its way with powerful headlights. Yakan ibn Khaqan was most afraid of falling asleep, because falling asleep he could commit a space catastrophe and die. Therefore, in order not to fall asleep at the helm, he began to sing the song of the great Uzbek singer from Fergana Tavakkal Kadyrov "Ohshaydiku" to the poems of the poet Hamza Hakimzada Niyazi, who was brutally killed by religious fans, throwing stones at Shakhimardan. Yakan ibn Khaqan flew for a long time, until near the air restaurant, some strange type of tall, skinny, like Shaitan, stopped him with a spacewalker, raising his thumb up. Yakan ibn Khaqan stopped his aircraft and a man in a spacesuit climbed into the cockpit.
- Close the door and fasten your seat belt! - said Yakan ibn Khaqan.
-Well, thank you very much, my friend, for helping! I'm all frozen. I was flying to a neighboring galaxy and on you, the flying saucer on which I was flying broke. I did not spend money on its repair and waited for the arrival of mechanics. Besides, it's not mine. I rented this wreck from a neighbor. I thought, I'd better catch some passing flying saucers and fly on. I don't like flying on cosmo beads. It's full of bad drunk humanoids... Do you recognize me? "What is it?" he asked suddenly, smiling slyly.
-No, I don't remember you. Maybe we crossed paths somewhere, saw each other, I don't know, - replied Yakan ibn Khaqan, casting a cursory glance in the rearview mirror.
The fellow traveler continued: - It's me, Lainjon Lanat, who caused you a lot of evil. Remember, we were once sitting at Ibn Nigman's house, drinking vodka, and when we ran out of booze, you flew on this old flying saucer of yours for vodka, disappearing into a snowstorm. That's when I delivered a heavy blow to Ibn Nigman's head with a tire iron. When he fell with a bloody head on the floor, I cleaned out his pockets, took money and jewelry , and to get rid of the body, I threw the corpse of ibn Nigman into a deep snow-covered ravine. I thought that a pack of hungry wolves would eat his corpse, leaving no evidence. Your passport in a cellophane cover, which I stole from you along with the money when you got drunk, I also threw the passport into the ravine. Then disappeared into the forest. The impenetrable blizzard was still raging. In the spring, when the snow melted, the police found the body of Ibn Nigman, rotting beyond recognition, and your passport. Then you were detained, suspected of murder, and then you went to jail. So you've been in prison all these years because of my sins. I think that today we were met by fate itself, from which you can not escape. I deeply regret what I have done and I really want to ask you for forgiveness, Yakan ibn Khaqan. It would be nice if you would forgive me.
Yakan ibn Khaqan was silent and calmly flew to himself, without taking his eyes off the space-air road, instead of rushing at the vile Lainjon Lanat and strangling him.
- Or maybe you want me to apologize to you in writing? Lainjon Lanat asked, smiling.
- Yes, I think so. Preferably in two copies. I will keep one for myself, and the presiding judge will attach the other to the criminal case in court, - replied Yakan ibn Khaqan, also with a smile on his lips.
Then he added: "You know, Lainjon Lanat, I am sympathetic to sick people, in the spiritual sense of the word. The same applies to vile and envious types and stupid brainless animals, - he said.
With such conversations, they continued the flight until the super-high-speed space ship of Yakan ibn Khaqan fell into an air pit resembling a concrete mixer, where numerous fragments of meteorites drummed on the body.
- It's started! - Yakan ibn Khaqan said, clutching the steering wheel of the aircraft with all his strength with blue fingers. The flying saucer trembled, losing altitude and abruptly began to descend, as if the heart of Yakan ibn Khaqan had sunk into its heels. The fall lasted a long time. Lainjon Lanat screamed in horror: - Yakan ibn Khaqan! Do something! Oh, my God! - he shouted, crying and spinning like a stone in a concrete mixer.
- Now, Lainjon Lanat! Now, ain't the moment! - Yakan ibn Khaqan said, trying to take control of the recalcitrant machine. At this time, they both saw high rocks that flashed on the monitor and shouted in fear: - Aaaaaaaaaaa!
It is good that Yakan ibn Hakan was able to establish control over the car. After that, the flying space ship flew at high speed between two rocks. Then, slowly losing speed and barely touching the snow with his belly, he began to fly low over the snow-covered fields. Yakan ibn Khaqan pressed the brakes and they worked. Finally, the Flying saucer, taking a deep snowdrift near the forest cordon, stopped. Yakan ibn Hakan and Lainjon Lanat sat for a long time in a state of shock in the cabin of the flying saucer. Then, gradually coming to their senses, they began to thank God that he had left them alive. Their legs were still shaking from the fear they had experienced. A lump the size of a small lemon formed on the forehead of Yakan ibn Khaqan. Lainjon Lanat was sitting with a broken head and crying with happiness. After a while, Yakan ibn Hakan opened the hatch and they climbed up. They came out of the cabin of the flying saucer that had made an emergency landing and thought, not knowing what to do and where to go. It was snowing, a blizzard was humming. Against the background of snow, it was possible to distinguish the surrounding area. Suddenly, at the foot of a high cliff, they saw a small cave where a light was burning.
- I feel intuitively that there is someone there, - said Yakan ibn Khaqan and headed towards the cave, stumbling and falling into the snow. Lainjon Lanat followed him. When they came close to the cave, they saw a man with a crossbow in his hands, tall, broad-shouldered, with long hair, and a serious face, dressed in animal skin, presumably a wolf.
- Hello, sir! We, this, came from the planet "Earth". Maybe you've heard of it? There is such a planet in the universe where earthlings produce chemical, biological and bacteriological weapons of mass destruction, cruise, ballistic intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads to destroy each other, comparing the beautiful cities that their ancestors built with the earth... Oh, sorry, we didn't introduce ourselves. I am an entrepreneur Yakan ibn Hakan, and this passenger's name is Lainjon Lanat. We are taking dung to the planet "Gurrabash" to exchange them for gold and diamonds, " said Yakan ibn Hakan.
The man with a crossbow in his hands, looking at the screen of his compact translator device, began to say:
- Hello, gentlemen aliens! Welcome to our planet. I am very glad to meet you. My name is Baltabalyk-the device translated the words of the man with a crossbow.
- It was nice to meet you, Mr. Baltabalyk. We were flying through the boundless space together, but unfortunately our Flying saucer broke down and we had to make an emergency landing here. Is there a repair shop for spacecraft in the vicinity? We need to repair our saucer and fly on. We will pay for the repair with priceless dung, " said Lainjon Lanat.
- Yes, don't worry about it. We have a repair shop for aircraft of any modification.There are also enough spare parts and qualified mechanics who will help you. Only we have such a tradition - to meet aliens as their relatives and treat them with what God has sent, no matter from which galaxy they have arrived.So, first I invite you to visit. Come to me, dear aliens - said Baltabalyk.
- The Earthlings agreed and followed the alien. When they entered the cave, Baltabalyk introduced them to his wife.
"This is my wife, Mrs. Matilda, - he said... Yakan ibn Khaqan wanted to shake and kiss the tender hands of Baltabalyk's wife, but it was not expected. Baltabalyk's hostile wife met them, as they say, with hostility. She started yelling at Baltabalyk and a compact translator device began to translate her words into our language.
- Why did you bring these parasites, why?! Well, why do we need guests when we have nothing to eat ourselves?! When will you finally come to your senses, you fool of fools?! When?! Tell me, where did you find them?! They only look like a person! Maybe they are werewolves or zombies infected with rabies, how do you know them?!.. Oh, why did I even marry this idiot, for God's sake!.. Mrs. Matilda said, and began to beat her face with her hand, as if punishing herself for marrying Baltabalyk by mistake.
Hearing the words of his grumpy wife, poor Baltabalyk blushed deeply with shame. And his wife kept grumbling: - He's already seven hundred and fifty years old, and he's still like a little boy! Naive loser, as he was a fool, so he remained! Our daughter is already 170 years old, and our son will soon turn 300! They should be married! And for what money, I ask? In order to have a normal wedding, it takes at least 45-50 thousand shilatans! Who will give us such a sum of money?! We have to get them on their feet! Otherwise, my father will turn over in his flying coffin!.. While saying these words, the woman began to cry into her leaky apron. Baltabalyk said quietly to Yakan Ibn Hakan and lainjon Lanat - Let's get out of here, Earthlings. The new friends went out into the street, where a blizzard was buzzing, whirling snow flakes in the gloom. The diamond dust of snowflakes did not allow them to open their eyes. They followed Baltabalyk, protecting themselves from snow flakes with their hands, looking back from time to time.
- Mr. Baltabalyk, where are we going?! Lainjon Lanat shouted, walking heavily in the thick snow, through a snow vortex.
- To my office! - Baltabalyk exclaimed without looking back. They headed towards the high cliffs. The distant howling of polar wolves could be heard. Finally, they came to the cave where Baltabalyk works. The guests came to the door and shook the snow off their clothes. Baltabalyk took the keys and opened the door. They observed that it resembled the cabins of a huge helicopter, as there were many different devices, sensors and buttons. The floor was covered with the skins of some kind of animal with long hair. There was a small window on the wall of the cave.
- Here, my friends earthlings, this is my office. I work in this hole, " Baltabalyk said.
- Excuse me, please, Mr. Baltabalyk, What do you do here, if it's not a secret? - Yakan ibn Khaqan asked.
- My work is not hard, but it is responsible. I work as the main sun igniter and sun extinguisher of our planet. I turn on the sun in the morning and turn it off in the evening to somehow save energy. You see, the moon and the stars are real, but the sun is artificial. Well, what to do if our planet is far from the sun? The work is interesting and romantic. I get 99 shilatans per month. This is not enough, of course.But I'm not complaining. On the contrary, I am happy when I see children playing in the sun, cheerfully and together shouting like seagulls on the shore of the sea. The time of the year changes every two weeks. Today is the last day of the second week. That is, the end of winter. Tomorrow morning, the long-awaited spring will come.Migratory birds will arrive from the south. The most interesting thing is that our plants are also adapted to the seasons and they grow quickly, right before our eyes. The trees also hurriedly open their buds, open their leaves and bloom. And there is summer, autumn, winter again, and so on, " Baltabalyk explained.
- Yes, you have an interesting planet and your work is unique, - said Lainjon Lanat. Then he continued: - excuse me, I have another question.
- Please, what is the question? Baltabalik smiled.
- When we entered your cave, your wife said that you were 750 years old. Your daughter is 170 and your son will soon turn 300. Is this true, or did I hear it wrong?
- Yes, it's true, Lainjon Lanat. I'm actually 750 years old. Do I look older or something? - Baltabalyk said.
- That's just it. You look very young. I just wonder, how can a person live so long? - Lainjon Lanat was surprised.
- And what, people don't live so long on your Earth? - Baltabalyk asked in surprise.
- Our people live on average 50-60 years. We have polluted air, countless factories were smoking day and night all over the planet, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and the radiation is off the scale, - Yakan ibn Hakan replied.
- What are you guys joking about? - Baltabalyk was surprised again.
- Honest pioneer- said Lainjon Lanat.
- Well, you poor earthlings! Our monkeys even live longer than you! - Baltabalyk exclaimed.
- If people on Earth would live as long as you do, then our dictators would sit in the presidential chair for 2000 years!
- Excuse me, Earthlings, I'm leaving you for just a few minutes. With these words, Baltabalyk went to the next room. A few minutes later, he appeared with a large tray in his hands, where there were smoked crabs, fish and fruit. Before starting to eat, Lainjon Lanat took out a bottle of vodka from his back pocket and said:
- Mr. Baltabalyk! I want to drink with you at the bruderschaft for our acquaintance! With these words, he opened the bottle and poured vodka into faceted glasses. Yakan ibn Khaqan refused to drink.
- We will not pour Yakan ibn Khaqan. He can't. He's driving with us. And we will drink to you, to the health of your beautiful blue-eyed wife, Mrs. Matilda. Come on, take a glass and let's go! - Lainjon Lanat said, handing the glass to Baltabalyk. He smiled in response and took a faceted glass of vodka. Lainjon Lanat was the first to drain the glass, gulping down the contents. Then, while eating, he made a gesture that Baltabalyk would also drink. He drank the vodka in one gulp and choked heavily. He coughed and clutched his throat with dilated eyes, and was terribly scared, thinking that Lainjon Lanat had poisoned him.
Lainjon Lanat began to calm him down:
- Don't be afraid, Baltabalyk! It will pass now! eat, eat this!..
Baltabalyk had a bite and he felt much better. The strong vodka made his eyes water. Wiping his tears, he said:
- What a drink you have, Earthlings! I almost died!
Yakan ibn Khaqan and Lainjon Lanat were laughing. Baltabalyk too. Lainjon Lanat again filled the glasses with burning vodka to the brim and handed one of them to Baltabalyk. looking at the glass in fright, Baltabalyk refused to drink. Lainjon Lanat was offended
- I'm not taking No for an answer! Because now we will drink to the most important thing! For the cosmic friendship of the peoples of all the planets of the universe!
- Well, if for the friendship of the peoples of the planets, then I will drink it, - said Baltabalyk with a hiccup and drank the contents, emptying the garnished glass to the bottom. Lainjon Lanat too. After the third glass, Baltabalyk became completely intoxicated. He kept smiling, lazily making speeches. He laughed and giggled like a madman. After the fourth glass, he completely fell to the floor and fell asleep like a dead man. Lainjon Lanat too. Yakan ibn Khaqan sat for a long time at the window, thoughtfully looking at the snow, which was still falling in the darkness, where a blizzard was whistling, whirling snowflakes like white flies. Then, yawning widely, he also went to bed. They woke up in the afternoon, from a stupid knock on the door. Baltabalyk went to the door and opened it. A short, hunchbacked man with squinting eyes, thin as the mummies of the Egyptian pyramids, came into the office. He was holding a long and crooked staff with bells in his hands. The hunchback was yelling at Baltabalyk:
- What are you doing, Baltabalyk?! It's already twelve o'clock in the afternoon, and you're still asleep and still haven't turned on the sun!
- Sorry, sorry, Mr. Chief sorcerer-said Baltabalyk and hastily turned on the sun.
- I can't forgive you. You have caused great damage to the agriculture of our planet! The farmers were late with the sowing! Come on, write an application for your release from your post at your own request! The hunchbacked sorcerer ordered, rattling the bells that hung on his sleeve.
- Mr. Sorcerer... I won't be late anymore. Please don't kick me out of work. How am I going to feed my children without this job? My little son is barely 99 years old. I haven't been able to marry my 170-year-old daughter for so many years. I have to marry my son, who turned 300 years old. I am the only breadwinner in the family. If I lose my job, then my evil wife Matilda will kick me out of the cave. Where will I go then? Baltabalyk pleaded.
- No, you should have thought about it earlier! Write a statement and don't come here again if you don't want trouble! - said the hunchbacked sorcerer.
After these words, Baltabalyk had to vacate the room and they went outside. It was sunny outside and the snow was melting. The water gurgled and the streams flooded out. Larks were singing over the fields. Steam rose from the fields. The grass began to grow hastily right before their eyes. The trees have spread their leaves. Spring! But this did not please Yakan ibn Khaqan. Because poor Baltabalyk was kicked out of work because of them. If Baltabalyk had been sober, he would not have overslept.
- How will I live today? Now I'm finished, my alien friends. My wife will not let me into the cave - Baltabalyk sighed sadly.
- It"s nothing, cheer up, Mr. Baltabalyk! - Lainjon Lanat encouraged him.
- Fly with us to other galaxies and get married to beautiful humanoids there. Why do you need such a grumpy, harmful wife who does not respect you? It's very easy to find a job there. Get a job as a janitor and you will clean up nuclear waste, thoughtfully shuffling a broom in the predawn hour in deserted courtyards. Or you will open your own brothel, you will work as a pimp - said Lainjon Lanat.
Baltabalyk, looking sadly into the distance, said:
- I'll help you with the repair. But I can't fly with you, my earthlings friends. Because I love my home planet and I can't live without it, even if the sun is artificial! In a foreign land, I will simply wither, inconsolable longing for my planet, looking at it from afar through super-powerful telescopes! I was born in these parts, and I will die here, - Baltabalyk said.
- Don't make me laugh for God's sake, Baltabalyk! Don't be so naive. A man must be determined! Let's travel through the vast expanses of boundless space, while we are alive and well! Yakan ibn Khaqan will build a large factory there, where cotton will be processed.We will be engaged in the space business! From there, we will transport home on a caravan of flying saucers, cotton waste called "uvada", from which our compatriots sew coats, cotton blankets - blankets and other things. We'll get rich! Well, don't be sad... Spit on this planet, which underestimated you. Is this a planet!? You live damn, without even having a normal sun! Just tell me where these mechanics of yours are. As soon as we repair our flying saucer, we'll be on our way right away! The trumpet is calling! Lainjon Lanat said.
Baltabalyk kept his word by hiring repairmen and they repaired the aircraft. When the repairmen finished their work, Lainjon Lanat took another bottle of vodka from the glove compartment of the repaired flying saucer, which he hid and said:
- This case needs to be washed properly. We will drink to the mechanics on the hood of the flying saucer... When he started to open the bottle, Baltabalyk stopped him: - No, don't! Please don't open it! This drink of yours turns out to be very harmful to the human body. I only drank once and lost my job! I am afraid that I may lose my life a second time. No offense, but I will never drink this stuff again! - He swore.
Lainjon Lainat was offended: - Well, if you don't want to, we won't force you, - he said. Then he greedily gulped down the fiery-burning vodka several times, holding the bottle to his mouth like a pocket flask. After that, the three of them sat on the flying saucer and flew.
In order not to fall asleep during the flight, Lainjon Lanat began to talk.
-There are rumors that our hypersonic intercontinental cruise missiles with nuclear warheads are not weapons, but a slingshot in comparison with the weapons created by space terrorists of some galaxy, now, unfortunately, I do not remember the name.
They have invented a terrible reactor with which you can push one solar system against another. Then the whole universe will explode, can you imagine?! What kind of weapon is it? Lainjon Lanat said, looking through the monitor at the flying fragments of space rocks and at the stars. Then he continued, turning to Baltabalyk, who has a compact translator device powered by a solar battery.
- You know, Baltabalyk, the life that you have lived on your planet is not a life but a real nightmare! You did not live, your life was like an impersonation. Let's go to a place where happiness awaits us, there you will feel the taste of real life... - he said, wetting his throat with vodka along the way.
Then a small fragment of the cosmic mass hit the windshield of the flying saucer and Baltabalyk was scared: - Oh, damn! Beware, Yakan ibn Khaqan! Maybe you are tired of living, but I personally do not want to die!.. What a horror! - he said
- Yes, this is bullshit, compared to air funnels, similar to a concrete mixer, where countless fragments of meteorites, asteroids and comets rotate at breakneck speed! Lainjon Lanat tried to calm him down.
- Yes? Well, then I will forgive you to take me back home, dear earthlings, I do not want to die in vain in these God-forsaken places of the universe. Who knows, maybe there are intergalactic star warriors and humanoids that will shoot us down by opening fire from an anti-aircraft laser device. So come on, turn around -said Baltabalyk.
- What?! You coward! Who gave you the right to command here?! Why are you staring at me! Is he okay or something? - said Lainjon Lanat, who by this time was slightly drunk.Then, with all his might, he hit Baltabalik on the head with a bottle, shouting - Die, you brute!, and Baltabalik immediately lost consciousness and collapsed. Lainjon Lanat angrily wanted to throw him out of the flying saucer, but he was immediately stopped by Yakan ibn Khaqan. -What are you doing, you bastard, you psycho?! Do not open the hatch, the unit will depressurize! What have you done, you ungrateful creature?! He helped us! - Stop it! - he shouted.
- All right, Commander, calm down. Everything is fine. Well, I'm sorry, Yakan, that I overreacted. Well, with whom does this not happen? I just couldn't restrain myself - Lainjon Lanat asked for forgiveness with a lazy smile on his lips.
- You idiot! - said Yakan ibn Khaqan.
They flew for a long time. On the way, Baltabalyk woke up, but he did not remember anything. It turns out that he lost his memory. His eyes were empty, like a man who has lost interest in life.
After a grueling flight, the old flying saucer of Yakan ibn Khaqan finally arrived on the planet "Gurrabash ''. Yakan ibn Khaqan and his friends stopped at a hotel in the capital to have a good rest for a week or two. Lainjon Lainat, using a compact translator device belonging to Baltabalyk, talked to beautiful gurrabashkas who worked in an expensive hotel in the capital, intended for rich alien clients. They did not answer Lainjon Lanat's questions, only smiled amiably, taking his words for jokes. Baltabalyk, who had lost his memory, obediently followed Yakan ibn Khaqan, thoughtfully ate, drank, sat in silence, did not talk to anyone. Yakan ibn Hakan was negotiating with managers of large banks to sell his priceless goods, which he brought on his old flying saucer from the distant planet "Earth". Finally, he managed to sign contracts for the sale of goods on a barter basis, that is, to exchange dung for diamonds. His joy had no bounds. Yakan ibn Khaqan returned to his luxurious room in an expensive hotel, where poor Baltabalyk was still sitting in silence, looking out of the wide window with a misty gaze at the street. Lainjon Lanat disappeared for days with an attractive gurrabashka.
Yakan ibn Hakan, wanted to turn on the TV, then kick, and he found himself in a light trap, similar to an inverted plastic cup. Then he heard voices. - Mr. Alien Yakan ibn Hakan, you are under arrest on suspicion of murdering a gurrabash named Bitbyldyk and stealing his time machine of a new modification. Hearing this, Yakan ibn Khaqan turned his eyes from fear and surprise.
-What are you saying?! What kind of murder?! What kind of hijacking?! I do not know who this Bitbyldyk is! This is some kind of misunderstanding! I demand that this masquerade be stopped immediately! You have no right to arrest me! This is a setup! Meanness! I am an honest businessman and I came here only to sell priceless dung! I will complain to the Intergalactic Court! He shouted, standing in the police light trap like a parrot in a cage.
Soon he was tried and on the basis of the verdict of the jury, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment, with confiscation of property.
- The convicted alien, Mr. Yakan ibn Hakan, will serve his sentence as a particularly dangerous criminal in a correctional concentration camp located on the planet "Earth", the judge said.
Hearing this, Yakan ibn Khaqan even laughed, thinking about what fools these gurrabashes are, who send me to their home planet, where they love and appreciate me.There is a fair President of the country and the writers ' union at the very least.They will protect me, free me from prison. They will award me with orders and medals, give me an apartment with a country house, where I will write my exciting novels in the deserted silence.
A day later, according to a court decision, Yakan ibn Hakan was sent by stage to the planet "Earth", in a police-era spaceplane, which flew through space at breakneck speed with a heart-rending siren wail.
Yakan ibn Khaqan was sitting in the spaceport, with invisible handcuffs on his hands, looking at the police, who were silently flying in a chemical protection suit.
- Idiots-Yakan ibn Khaqan grinned.
Finally, the spaceplane landed and the police, carefully opening the lower hatch, pushed out the convicted Yakan ibn Khaqan. Thus, after delivering him to his destination, they flew back.
When he began to suffocate from the smoke, Yakan ibn Khaqan, with fear, thought that the Gurrabashs had deceived him by throwing him not to his native planet "Earth" but to a completely different planet, where there was nothing to breathe.
He looked around in surprise. Because this planet was foggy and only ruins caught the eye through this fog. There were no trees or grasses. The ground was covered with gray ash.. The same ash was flying in the air, like dandruff from unkempt hair. The Gurrabashi have deceived me , he thought with fear. It became even harder for him to breathe. Just at this time, he saw a man in an oxygen mask and asked him breathlessly: - Excuse me, sir, is this the planet "Earth"?
A passerby looked at him in surprise through the glass of a gas mask, then answered: - Yes.
Yakan ibn Khaqan continued: - I don't recognize anything here. Where are the houses, the trees? There are ruins all around. Why is it difficult to breathe here? Ash and fog are everywhere.
"Did you fall off the moon or something?" Where were you when the Third World War broke out? A year ago, such a war thundered on earth, and you did not know. Strange. You probably got a concussion along with the radiation. - said the man with a gas mask on his head, resembling an elephant with a trunk.
With these words, he began to leave. Yakan ibn Khaqan hurriedly caught up with him and asked: - Sir, I'm suffocating from lack of air. Can you tell me where I can get oxygen? Help me for God's sake. The man with the gas mask stopped when he heard the name of God.
- There, you see, there is a green booth around the bend, where it says H2O at the top. Here, go there and buy yourself oxygen, - he said.
Thanking him, Yakan ibn Khaqan ran to where he was pointing. There, in the booth, he saw a man also with a gas mask on his face. On the shelves were oxygen bottles with a mask of various sizes.
"Hello, Mr. Salesman," said Yakan ibn Khaqan.
- Hi, what do you want? - the seller said.
- Oxygen! I want oxygen! It's hard to breathe! - Yakan ibn Khaqan said, gasping for breath.
- Do you have any money? - the salesman asked.
- No. I'll bring it to you today. Give me a loan for now. Well, for God's sake, please-he begged.
- No, for God's sake, I can't. But if for the sake of our irreplaceable, highly respected president of the country, then I can give it - the seller said.
- Well, give it at least for the sake of the president of the country-said Yakan ibn Khakan. The seller wrote down the name and surname of Yakan ibn Khaqan in the debtors ' notebook, then gave him an oxygen canister with a mask. Yakan ibn Khaqan took a canister and, putting on an oxygen mask, began to suffocate even more. His eyes were squinting from lack of oxygen. Then, looking at the can, he saw the inscription "Carbonate dioxide". The salesman was laughing, shaking his shoulders. That's when Yakan ibn Khaqan only found out about the vile seller.

It was Lainjon Lanat.

11: 54 p.m.
Canada, Ontario.

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132221451_gorod_Brempton (202x216, 31Kb)

Холдор Вулкан

Член союза писателей Узбекистана





(Памяти великого узбекского поэта Шавката Рахмона)


Любил он тишину заснеженных полей,
Писал о цветущих камнях стихи,
Словно фонари туманных аллей,
В табачном дыму грустя в тиши.

Хоронила поэта на кладбище толпа,
Капали горькие слезы с ресниц.
Пышные венки, шепот и мольба,
Будто таял снег в сумраке весны.   

Все ушли, шагая осторожно и тише,
Шли дни и о нем многие забыли.
Только деревья, не уходя с кладбище,
Скорбили долго над его могилой.

4:07 дня.
Канада, Онтерио.



Холдор Вулқон

Ўзбекистон Ёзувчилар уюшмасининг аъзоси



Буюк Ғафур Ғуломни ёд этиб


Биз кейинги пайтларда Комил Яшинни ҳам, Ҳамид Олимжонни ҳам, Саййид Аҳмадни ҳам, ҳатто Ғафур Ғуломни ҳам сотқин дейишгача бориб етдик ва бу билан тарихий ҳақиқатни ўрнига қўйдик гўё.

Хўп, улар қиличидан қон томган НКВДнинг дахшатли тергов изоляторларида ўз жонларини қутқазиш учун билганларини ёзиб бергандирлар. Яъни бизга ўхшаб ботир бўлмаган улар.

Лекин бизчи?

Ўзимиз ҳамкасб ёзувчи шоирлар қамоқларда қийноқларга солинганларида, ҳатто ўлдирилганларида ёки Ватандан бадарға этилганларида уларнинг ҳимоясигв чиқмасак ҳам, лоақал юқорига хат ёзиб, хатни имзолаб: - Ҳой, жаноблар, нима қиляпсизлар?! Инсоф борми сизларда?! Худонинг қаҳридан қўрқмайсизларми?!Ахир бу ижодкорлар халқимизга озодлик, демократия, сўз ва фикр эркинлиги, она тилимизга давлат тили мақоми берилишини талаб қилиб, майдонга чиққан эдиларку?! Уларда нима айб?! - дейиш тугул, ҳатто қўрқувдан пусиб, дағғ - дағ титраб, юрагимизни ҳовучлаб, Дўрмондаги сокин чорбоғлар чироғини ўчириб, қоронғуда кўзларимиз йилтиллаб, сас - садо чиқазмай ўтирдикку.

Бу сотқинлик эмасми?

Фақат Шавкат Мирзиёев Ўзбекистон Республикаси президенти этиб сайлангачгина, димиққан Ватан деразалари қия очилиб, тоза ҳаводан энтикиб нафас олиб, энди сал тилимиз чиқиб қолди.

Шубҳасиз, репрессив жамият тамонидан қатл қилинган Абдулла Қодирий ўзининг "Ўткан кунлар" романи билан халқимиз меҳрини қозонган улуғ, истеъдодли ёзувчи сифатида тарихларда қолди.

Кейинчалик у "Обид кетмон" асарини ёзаркан, обид, яъни ибодатли инсон бўла туриб, худосизлар жамиятига, колхозга аъзо бўлгач, хаддан ташқари катта, баҳайбат кетмони билан туну кун ишлаб, баланд баланд қир - адирларни ҳам текислаб, пахта далаларига айлантирган афсонавий қизил қаҳрамон Обид Кетмон ҳақида ёзаркан, шу тариқа колхозлаштириш устидан кулиб, НКВДнинг жиғига тега бошлади.

НКВД тишини тишига қўйиб, бунга ҳам чидаб юрди.

Лекин Абдулла Қодирий "Уруш бўлса, Хитлер енгади" дея фашизмни очиқдан очиқ қўллай бошлагач, унинг боши узра ажал қиличи ярақлай бошлади ва НКВД бошқа ўзбек ижодкорларини ҳам тафтиш қилишга, астар пахта, бити сирка қилиб, бирин кетин уларнинг шўрини қуритишга киришди.

Алалоқибат Абдулла Қодирийнинг: - Мен марксистман! - дейишига ҳам қарамай, Юнусобод дахасида, эл донг қотиб ухлаётган субҳи содиқ маҳал вахшийларча қатл қилдилар.Унинг эгасиз, қаровсиз жасадини чумолию қурт - қумурсқалар еб кетди.

Кўплар сотқинга чиқараётган Ғафур Ғуломнинг эса, ўзбек адабиёти ҳазинасига қўшган хиссаси беқиёс.

Унинг ҳажвияларини ўқиган одам, шубҳасиз, кулиб, қотади.

Ғафур Ғулом шеърияти юксак ва бебаҳо.

Шоирнинг "Турксиб йўлларида" номли қофиясиз шеърини одам юз марта қайта ўқиса ҳам зерикмайди, маза қилади, у шеърдаги сўзларнинг сеҳрли жозибасидан, ҳазин ички мусиқасидан, ажойиб ташбеҳларидан шеърият ихлосмандлари ҳали ҳануз ҳайратланадилар.

Бу йўлдан беш миллион, ўн миллион, юз миллион нафар,
қуллар ва туллар, гарданида чўяндан қуйилган занжир,
ерларда ҳашарот каби, очликдан, хорликдан,гезариб лаби,
оч махкум, хор ва бетадбир, нон дея, нон дея суриниб кечмишдир.
дея ёзади буюк Ғафур Ғулом.

Шеърни ўқир экансиз, кўз ўнгингизда ҳолсизликдан юролмай, ерда ўрмалаётган, озиб тўзғиган, кўзлари косасига ботиб, гўлайиб, лаблари гезарган оч одамларнинг, очарчиликнинг қиёфаси худди кинодагидай яққол кўз олдингизга келади. Тасвир аниқлигидан ва тиниқлигидан таҳайюр туйиб, беихтиёр шоир санъатига тасанно айтасиз.

Ўша шеърда яна:

Кўлга отилган кесак парчаси каби
уфқлар бир карра липиллаб қолар

деган мисралар билан шоир, поезд ойнасидан липиллаб ўтаётган манзараларни юксак дид ва оригинал ташбеҳлар билан ифода этаркан, унинг рассомона маҳоратига яна бир бор қойил қолади одам.

"Сен етим эмассан" шеъричи?

Бу ерда аждар халқумли вахшат тўпларининг қахқахаси йўқ.

Қандай ажойиб образли ифодалаш санъати!

Ҳа, Ғафур Ғулом ҳам худди Абдулла Қодирийлар каби Ватан қайғуси, Халқ дарди билан яшаб, ижод қилган забардаст шоирлардан биридир.

Фақат унинг турмуш тарзи, ўрисча айтилса, "С волками жить - по волчьи выть", ўзбекча айтсак, "Бўри галаси ичида қолсанг, бўри бўлиб ули" қабилида кечди. Агар шундай қилмаса, НКВД унинг ҳам бошини ғажир эди ва Абдулла Қодирийдек, унинг ҳам жуда кўп ажойиб асарлари ёзилмай қолиб кетган бўлар эди.

Ғафур Ғулом устози Владимир Маяковский сингари, диний инквизиция тахдид солиб турган, "Ер юмалоқ ва у айланади" деган олим гулханда ёқиладиган тахликали замонларда "Ер юмалоқ, у қуёш атрофида айланади" дея айтиб, кейинчалик гелиоцентрик ғоялар устида олиб борилган илмий тадқиқодларини яна давом этдириш учунгина, ўз сўзидан қайтган, илму фан ривожи учун ҳатто қўрқоқ, сотқин номини олган, шогирдлари юзига туфлаб кетган буюк немис олими Галилео Галилей йўлини тутди.

Эсланг, Галилео Галилейни барча шогирдлари ташлаб кетади.Фақат битта Ганс деган шогирдигина у билан қолади. Йиллар ўтаркан, Галилей ўз илмий тадқиқодларини ёзиб, яшириб, улкан глобус ичига ташлайверади. Охири унинг кўзлари кўрмай қолади.Бир куни Галилей шогирдининг юзларини пайпаслаб: - Ганс, раҳамат сенга. Ҳамма шогирдларим мендан юз ўгиришди, мени ташлаб кетишди.Фақат сен қолдинг. Анави глобусни ағдар, у ерда менинг илмий тадқиқодларим бор, уларни тартибга келтир -дейди.

Ганс глобусни ағдариб, илмий тадқиқодлар битилган вароқларни қучганича, ҳўнг ҳўнг йиғлайди.Воқеадан хабар топган бошқа шогирдлар ҳам келиб, юзига туфлаганлари учун йиғлаб, буюк олимдан кечирим сўрайдилар. Оламдан ўтаётган Галилей шогирдаридан хафа эмаслигини айтади.Мен шундай йўл тутмасам, гулханда куйиб кетардим ва бу илмий тадқиқодлар ўзим билан кетган бўларди дея шогидларидан кечирим сўрай сўрай, бу оламни тарк этади.

Энди, юқорида айтганим, Ғафур Ғуломнинг халқ дарди, Ватан қайғуси билан ижод қилгани тўғрисидаги гапларимни мантиқан асослашга ҳаракат қиламан.

Келинг, тадқиқодни Ғафур Ғулом нега ўз поэмасининг лирик қаҳрамонига Кўкан дея ном қўйганидан бошлай қолайлик.
Хўш, "Кўкан" дегани нима ўзи?

Кўкан бу "Кўх", "Тоғ" маъносини онглатгувчи форсий сўздан олинган "кўхи кан", яъни теша билан тоғу тошларни пароканда қилиб, ариқлар қазиб, водию вохаларга сув элтгувчи афсонавий қаҳрамон дегани.
Хўш, нега Ғафур Ғулом ўз поэмасини "Кўкан батрак" дея атади? Бошқа ном қўйса бўлмасмиди? Нега айнан, Кўхикан батрак?

Ҳа, Ғафур Ғулом тузумга қарши сўз айтганнинг боши сапчадай учадиган қаттол замонларда КЎКАН БАТРАК дея тоғни урса толқон қиладиган, инсониятнинг тафаккур саҳроларига илму маърифат дарёларидан оби ҳаёт олиб келган Фарходкелбат пахлавон ўзбек халқи охир оқибат ўзлигидан жудо бўлиб, қимматбаҳо пахта етиштирадиган энг арзон ишчи кучига, қулга, БАТРАККА айлантирилганини авлодларга англатмоқ учун шундай консператив ишоратлардан фойдаланган эди.

Ғафур Ғуломнинг "Шум бола" повестини ўқиб, ёки киносини кўрар эканмиз, Қоравой тандирга ўт қалаётган маҳал, харпана учун ўғирлаб липпасига урган бир бўлак ёғ тандир оловининг тафтида эриб кетганини кўрган она: - Ҳа жувоннамак!Кап катта бола иштонинга сийиб қўйдингми? - дея косов билан бошига ургач, пилтаси чиққан яғир тўппи остидаги тухум синиб, миясининг қатиғи чиғиб қолган эпизоддан кулавериб, ичагимиз қотади.

Айниқса, бойнинг қўрғонида юз берган дахшатли ёнғинни ўчириш учун бричкада сув ташиш оқибатида хомлик қилиб, харом қотган қашқа тўриқ гўштига бўкиб ўлган итнинг терисини шилаётганларида синган дондон сопли пичоқ, бойваччанинг фожиали ўлими, "Вой жигарееем!Вой жигареееееем!" дея саннаб, хачир устида ҳўнг ҳўнг йиғлаб, ўйнашининг уйидан келаётган золим, мешқорин, ебтўймас, таппаталар бой эпизодларини тамошо қилиб, кулавериб, куйиб қорайиб кетамиз.

Аслида эса, ўз халқини жондан севган Ғафур Ғулом, биз ўқиб, ёки фильмини кўриб, кулиб қотадиган бу асарини йиғлаб ёзган бўлсалар керак.

Яхшилаб эътибор беринг.Повесть бош қаҳрамонининг исми Қоравой.
Нега Оқбой эмас, айнан Қоравой? Ҳеч шу ҳақда ўйлаб кўрдикми?

Асрлар мобайнида ҳақ - хуқуқсиз итоаткор қулга айлантирилган, жазирама иссиқда меҳнат қилавериб, офтобда қорайган қоратўри халқимизнинг аянчли портрети эмасми бу?

Ёки дейлик бугун тирикчилик илинжида ер юзига тариқдай тарқаб, совуқ етрўлаларда, кўприкларнинг остига картон каробкалар тўшаб, бошига газетага ўралган ғиштни ёстиқ қилиб, тунаб, ота - онасига, аёлига, болаларига юбориш мақсадида пулни тежаб, қуруқ бўлка нону пиёз билан озиқланаётган, кўп қаватли биноларга раствор тўлдирилган пақирларни қўлда кўтариб, ташиб, зинадан юқорилаётиб, ҳолсизликдан боши айланиб, пастга қулаб, боши тарвуздай ёрилган чоғида ҳам, ишдан хайдалмаслик учун яна тиришиб, тирмашиб юқорига интилган, азбарои зўриқишдан бўйнининг томирлари ўқловдай бўртиб, лой ташийдиган, баъзан уйига қуруқ қўл билан ва хатто арзон фанеркадан ясалган қутида қайтгувчи қоравойларимизнинг ўша замондаёқ Ғафур Ғулом тамонидан қойиллатиб чизиб қўйилган қайғули қиёфаси эмасмикин мабодо?

Айтгандай, нега Ғафур Ғулом ўзининг "Шум бола" асарида дўппи остидаги тухум ҳақида ёзди?

Бу тасодифий эпизод эдими?

Йўқ албатта.

Қўпол бўлса ҳам айтишга мажбурман. Бу дунёда тамоми жонли мавжудод тухумдан чиқади. Хатто одамзод ҳам. "Тухум" деган сўз "уруғ" маъносини ташийди.

Уруғ бирламчи ва усиз дунёда ҳаёт тўхтайди.

Ғафур Ғулом айнан шу кулгили эпизод ёрдамида ўз фарзанди кийган дўппи остидаги тухумни косов билан уриб абжағини чиқариб, яна вой боламлаб йиғлайдиган она, ўз фарзандларининг уйдан, кетиб қолишларига сабаб бўлган ва қип қизил душман, ёву ёғийлар гапига кириб, Навоий, Бобур, Фурқат каби ўзининг улуғ  фарзандларини Ватандан бадарға қилган жамият образини яратди.

Она дўппи остидаги тухумни синдириб қўйди.

Дўппи кийган жамиятнинг бошига косов билан урди, абжағини чиқарди!

Арзимаган хатоси учун ўз боламнинг бошини косов билан уриб, миясининг қатиғини чиқариб қўйдима! - дея ўйлаб, дахшатга тушган она ҳали фожеа кўламини тўлиқ англаб етганича йўқ. Дўппи остида тухум эмас, жамият келажагининг синганидан, пачоғи чиққанидан мутлоқо бехабар.

Қоравойнинг ҳам парвои фалак.

У ўзига ўхшаган, мактабда ўқимаган бир саводсиз, дайди дўсти билан бойларнинг уйида ўз қорнини тўйдириб, хизматкор бўлиб юраверади.

Она эса, ўғлининг йўлларига интизор кўз тикиб, изтиробу ғам қайғу, ҳасратлардан тинкаси қуриб, касалланиб, охири тўшакка михланади.

Асардаги она образи ВАТАН тимсоли эди.

Ниҳоят Қоравой уйига қайтади. Синглиси Қоравойнинг қучоғига отилиб, йиғлаб, бечора ойиси унинг йўлларига интизор кўз тикиб, кута кута охири оламдан ўтгани ҳақидаги хабарни айтади...

Ҳа, Ғафур Ғулом шубҳасиз даҳо шоир ва буюк ёзувчи.

Бундай буюк адиб ҳақида бирон нарса дейиш ёки ёзишдан олдин, ўзимиз ҳеч йўқ бирон арзигулик асар ёзолган бўлмоғимиз керак.

Абдулла Орипов таъбири билан айтганда:

Жуда ёмон деймиз манабу нарса,
Гўё ҳукм каби янграр сўзимиз.
Ўйлаб кўрганмизми бирон бир марта,
Киммиз ўзимиз?

Тонги 7:38.
Канада, Онтерио.


Холдор Вулқон

Ўзбекистон Ёзувчилар уюшмасининг аъзоси


Султон Хусайн Бойқаронинг суякка тиқилиб ўлгани ҳақида

Адабиётимиз тамал тошини қўйган буюк аждодларимиз яратган бадиий асарларда гоҳо тушкун кайфиятли мирсларга ҳам дуч келамиз.

Мисол учун, Алишер Навоий ва Бобурмирзо шеъриятида.

Маълумки, Хуросон тахтини эгаллаган Султон Хусайн Бойқаро маишат ва айшу ишратга берилгач, доим таъзим ва таъвозе билан, уни шоханшох, олампанох дея улуғласаларда, унга зимдан лахад қазигувчи маккор, разил аъёнларининг шипшитиб: "Навоий тахтингизга кўз олайтиряпти" деган гапига кириб, болаликдаги ўз дўсти, Вазиру аъзам Алишер Навоийни салтанатдан четлатиб, Астрабодга сургун қилади.

Ёғийлар шу тариқа Султон Хусайн Бойқарони донишманд маслахатчисидан жудо қилишга эришгач, шох набира доғида эзилиб, ўлиб кетсин учун унинг мастлигидан фойдаланиб, 16 ёшли валиахд, тожи тахтга ворис шахзода Мўминмирзонинг қатл фармоишига мухр бостириб оладилар.

Кейин Мўминмирзони камон ипи билан вахшийларча бўғиб ўлдирадилар.

Невара доғи ҳам таъсир этмай, яна ичкилик ичишда давом этган майхўр султон Хусайн Бойқарога маст пайтида сарой аъёнлари қиррали суяк кўмилган паловни ошатиб юборадилар.

Султон суякка тиқилиб қолади.

Хириллаб, нафас олишга қийналаётган олий табақали мижоз оғзига керги солган табиблар суякни суғургунларича, ёвлар гапига кириб, ўзининг садоқатли ва донишманд дўстидан воз кечган Султон Хусайн Бойқаро шу тариқа бир тоғора қон қусиб, аламли ўлим топади, маст аласт холатда арши аълога, Тангри Таолонинг ҳузурига равона бўлади.

Маккор ва разил аъёнларининг гапига кириб, шоир дўстини бадарға қилган, камон ипи билан бўғиб ўлдирилган бегунох, фариштадай маъсум набирасининг уволига қолган, темурийлар салтанатининг емрилишига сабабчи бўлган Хусайн Бойқарога Худо шундай аламли жазо юборди.Ўшандай фитналар гирдобида қолган Ҳазрати Алишер Навоийнинг тушкун кайфияти қуйидаги байтларда ўз аксини топган.

Парим бўлса, учиб қочсам улусдин то қанотим бор,
Қанотим куйса учмакдин, югирсам то ҳаётим бор.

Киши амалу мансаб, файзу баракотлар эгаси бўлган маҳаллар қахрабо шароб тўла биллур қадахларни чўқиштириб, садоқат изҳор қилган, қалбида эса разил ва манфур мақсадлар чаёни ўрмалаётган вафосиз дўстлардан, дўст қиёфасидаги ашаддий душманлардан безган Навоий: -Қани энди қанотларим бўлсаю, аҳли дилларни тушунмайдиган бу тўдадан, оломондан учиб қочсам, учиб, учиб, қанотларим куйиб узилиб тушса, то умримнинг охиригача тўхтовсиз югириб, улардан узоқлашсам -демоқдалар.

Ишонган дўстларидан жабр кўриб, хафсаласи пир бўлган инсон дарду ҳасратларини Навоий яна қуйидагича ифодалайди:

Англаким, аҳбобини кулбамда меҳмон этмишам,  
Итларин оғзийда гар кўрсанг бағирдан поралар.

Ҳазрати Алишер Навоий юқоридаги байтда, туз ичиб, туздонга туфлагувчи, таомни еб дастурхонга бетини ва яна аллақаёқларини артиб кетгувчи, садоқатсиз дўстлар ҳақида: -Мабодо менинг этим бурдаларини итларнинг оғзида кўриб қолсанглар, билгингларки, мен ишонган, севимли дўстларимни кулбамда меҳмон қилибман -дейдилар.
Шундай мисралар Ҳазрати Бобурмирзода ҳам бор.

Бобурмирзо ўзининг бир ғазалида:

Хазондек қон ёшим, сориғ юзумдин эл танаффурда,
Ба ҳар ранге, биҳамдиллаҳ, улусдин ўзни қутқордим.

Улуснинг таъну таърифи менга Бобур баробардир,
Бу оламда ўзимни чун ёмон яхшидан ўткардим.

дея ёзади.

Кузги алвонранг хазонлар каби кўзларимдан тўкилаётган қонли кўз ёшлардан ва хазондай сарғайиб кетган юзларимдан эл нафратда, Худога шукурким, бир нарса қилиб юриб, ўзимни улуснинг таънаю маломатларидан ва мақтовларидан қутқариб олдим, яъний ёлғизликка, хилватга, узлатга ўзимни урдим -дея ёзади.

Кейинги байтда эса, Бобурмирзо:  "Улуснинг, яъний оломоннинг таънаю маломатларию, мақтовлари, таърифу тавсивлари мен учун аҳамиятсиз. Мен, шунчаки ҳаётим давомида уриниб суриниб, ўзимни яхши одамлар ва ёмон кимсалар орасидан ўтказдим ҳалос -демоқдалар.Бу мисралар пана пастқамга, бурчак бурундиққа, хандакка беркинмай, тўним кафаним дея, ўлимнинг кўзига тик қараб, ҳамиша лашкарнинг энг олдинги сафида юрган, икки юз чоғлик черик билан икки мамлакатни фатх этган темурийзод шерюрак лашкарбошининг, талотумли умри жангу жадаллар, ёғийларнинг турли фитнаю фисқу фасодлари, тухмату бўхтонлари, дўстлар хиёнати ичида кечган шох ва шоирнинг умр интихосида чиқарган хулосасидир.

Энди руҳий тушкунликка барҳам бериб,  бир ғазал шархи билан тадқиқодга якун ясаймиз. Алишер навоий ўзининг бир ғазалида шундай ёзадилар:

Ошиқ ўлдим, билмадим ёр ўзгаларға ёр эмиш,
Оллох –Оллох,  ишқ  аро мундоқ  балолар бор эмиш.

Ушбу ғазал матлаъида Ҳазрат Навоий ёрга бўлган чексиз муҳаббати  ҳақида баён этаркан, ёрининг, яъний Оллохнинг ўзгаларга лутфу марҳамат кўргизаётганидан рашкланади ва ишқ оламида шундоқ тенгсиз балолар борлигидан зорланади."Боло" арабча сўз бўлиб, "юқори" мазмунини ташийди.Бу ўринда юқоридан, яъний арши аълодан Худонинг амри билан ёғиладиган самовий офат ва кулфатларга ишора қилинади."Бало" нинг асл маъноси шу. "Балоғат" сўзи ҳам "Боло" калимасига ўзакдош тушунча бўлиб, ўсиб, юксалиб, болоғатга етиш, яъний "вояга етган, болиғ ё болиға" мазмунини англатади.Бола дегани ҳам шу тушунчадан келиб чиққан атама.

Қаддиға эл майли бўлғондин кўнгил озурдадир,
Ул алифдин зоорларнинг хосили озор эмиш.

Навоий элнинг Ёр қаддига, яъни гўзаллигига майл туйганидан, мойил бўлганидан рашк қилиб, кўнгли озор топаётганини айтаркан, сўз эмас,  гўзал ҳарф ўйини қилади. Маъшуқасининг қаддини арабча алиф ҳарфига ўхшатиб, менга  ўхшаган васлинга зорларга ўша алиф кўринишидаги расо қаддинг хивичдан фақат озор етади ҳалосми? – дея ёзғиради. (Халқимизнинг: "Алифни калтак дейди" мазмунидаги ҳикматли мақолини эсланг)

Элга новак урди, мен ўлдим, эрур бу турфаким,
Жона етган рееш эл бағриға кирган ҳор эмиш.

Ишқ эли бағрига муҳаббат новаки, яъни найзаси санчилди. Лекин улар ўрнига мен ҳалок бўлдим. Ёр ишқида телбаланиб қолган элнинг чекаётган азоби менинг чекаётган азобим олдида ҳеч нарса эмас. Менинг юрагимни тилиб ташлаган фироқ ҳанжар зарбаси бўлса, элга етган азоб тикон азобичалик ҳалос - дейилади юқоридаги байтда.

Риштаким мухлик ярам оғзийга тикдим, англадим,
Ким кафан жинси қироғидин сувирған тор эмиш.

Ишқинг тиғлари етказган жароҳатим қонини тўхтатиш учун ип билан тикаётиб билдимки, ул иплар кафан қирғоғидан суғирилган ришталар экан – дейди Ҳазрат Навоий.

Жонга тахвиф айладим тиғи ҳалокидин аний,
Билмадим бу ишдин ул ўлгунча миннатдор эмиш.

Ёр тиғининг халокатини жонимга ҳавф билдим. Ёр бўлса, ишқнинг ҳалокатли тиғидан хайиқиб, қўрқаётганимдан миннатдор экан - дейди Навоий.

Эй Навоий, ҳўўбларни кўрма осонлиғ билан,
Ким биравким солди кўз, узмак кўнгил душвор  эмиш.

Эй, Навоий, ҳўбларга, яъний муҳаббат аҳлига осон тутма, негаки, ёр кўз солса, кейин ундан  кўнгил узишинг қийин бўлар экан –дея ошиқ кўнгил қийноқларни, дарду ҳасратларини шу тариқа ифодалаб, Навоий ғазалга якун ясайди.

Бу ғазал мисраларига юкланган дард залворини фақат кимнидир телбаларча севган ва унинг ҳажрида ҳасталаниб, хафталаб кўрпа -тўшак қилиб ётиб қолган одамларгина ҳис эта оладилар.

27 декабрь, 2009 йил.
Кундуз 2 :35 .
Торонто шаҳри, Канада.


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Ёзувчининг қуйидаги сурати адабиётимиз жонкуярларидан бири, Нигора Умарованинг ФБ саҳифасидан олинди.


Бир куни "Шарқ юлдузи" журнали идорасига кирсам, шоир Икром Отамурод: "Холдор, укажон,"Ўзбекистон адабиёти ва санъати" газетасида менга бағишланган шеърингиз эълон қилингач, шоир ёзувчилар сизни сўрайвериб, менга тинчлик беришмаяпти.Жуманиёз Жабборов ҳам "Холдоржон Тошкентга келса, айтинг, бизнинг ишхонага бирров келиб кетсин" дегандилар деди у.

Мен Маданият вазирлигига бориб, раҳматли Жуманиёз Жабборов билан учрашдим.Биз узоқ суҳбатлашдик.

-Холдоржон, биласиз, Худойберди Тўхтабоев бизнинг қудамиз бўладилар. Абдулла Орипов ҳам. Куёвимиз, яъни Худойберди Тўхтабоевнинг ўттизга кирган ўғиллари кутилмаганда вафот этдилар. Бу мусибат Худойберди аканинг қоматини эгиб қўйди.Илож топсангиз, Худойберди аканинг уйларига бориб, дуои фотиха қилиб, ҳол -аҳвол сўраб қўйсангиз, кўнгиллари кўтарилади -дедилар.Менинг ўша куни зарур ишларим чиқиб, Худойберди Тўхтабоевга таъзия билдиргани янаги келганимда кирарман дебман.Қолган ишга қор ёғар деб машойихлар бекорга айтмаган эканлар. Ўғилларининг вафоти муносабати билан Худойберди Тўхтабоевга таъзия изҳор қилолмадим.

Мана неча йилларки Ватанимдан узоқда, Америка қитъасида яшаётганимга қарамай, ҳамон устоз Худойберди Тўхтабоевни яхши ҳотиралар билан эслайман.Ахир, шу ёзувчининг ажойиб асарларини ўқиб, улғайганмиз.Қолаверса, Худойберди Тўхтабоевнинг камтарин, кичиккўнгил, одамохун инсон эканликларига у ёзувчи "Ёш куч"журналида бош мухаррир бўлиб ишлаётган пайтлари амин бўлганман ва Худойберди Тўхтабоевга янада ҳурматим ортган.Ўшанда "Ёш куч" журнали Қатортол кўчасидаги 64 уйда жойлашган эди, адашмасам.Мен бир попка шеърларимни қўлтиқлаб, ўша бинога бордимда, "Ёшлик" журнали редакциясини ахтариб, "Ёш куч" журнали идорасига кириб қолибман.Шунда журнал бош мухаррири
Худойберди ака ёшлари улуғ, таниқли ёзувчи бўлишларига қарамай ўринларидан турдилар ва мен билан самимий кўришдилар.Сўнг мени эргаштириб, коридордан юрарканлар, "Ёшлик" журнали редакциясига олиб кириб, мутасаддилар билан таништирди.Кейин узр сўраб, яна ортларига қайтдилар.Дилида кири кибри йўқ,камтарин бу ёзувчини шу шу ҳурмат қиламан, бот -бот эслайман.

Бугун устоз оламдан ўтибдилар. Эшитиб, қайғуга ботдим. На чора, бандачилик. Худойберди Тўхтабоевни Худо раҳмат қилсин. Ётган жойлари обод, руҳлари шод бўлсин.Марҳумнинг оила аъзоларига, дўстларига ва шогирдларига чуқур таъзия изҳор этамиз.

Холдор Вулқон

Ўзбекистон Ёзувчилар уюшмасининг аъзоси



Холдор Вулқон

Ўзбекистон Ёзувчилар уюшмасининг аъзоси



Йиллар учиб ўтди бамисоли ўқ,

Ғурбатда оқарди соч - соқол, муртим.

Мен сени бир зум ҳам унутганим йўқ,

Мени ҳам унутиб юборма, юртим!





Холдор Вулқоннинг набираси Абдусаломов Жасурбек Мақсудович.


Бир дона сўз

Мен ушбу мақоламда ЎЗБЕК деган ўз халқимни ўзга миллат ва элатлардан, юртимни ўзга юртлардан устун қўймаган ҳолда, Ватанимиз баъзи кимсалар айтганидай қарғиш тушган жой эмас, балки тупроқларимиз Оллохнинг тажаллисидан нурафшон ва серқуёш, азиз авлиёлар ҳоки ётган жаннатмакон ўлка эканини, халқимизнинг эса, ундайлар айтганидай қарғалган эмаслигини, балиқдай безабон, қўйдай ювош эмаслигини,аксинча,унинг дунёдаги энг мулохазали, донишманд ва камтарин халқлардан бири эканлигини бир дона сўз билан исботлаб қўймоқчиман.

Далаларда кетмон чопиб, ҳалол ризқланадиган оддий бир ўзбек, сайрга чиқаркан:  "Бир айланиб келай" дейди. Ёки, -ҳа, оғайни, бу ёқларда нима қилиб юрибсан? - дейилса, у: -ўзим, шунчаки айланиб юрибман - дея жавоб бериши тайин.

Бундай чуқурроқ ўйлаб кўрилса, бу дунёда ҳамма ишга бориб, уйга қайтиб, еб, ичиб, ухлаб, яна ишга қайтиб, доимо эврилиб тургувчи ер шари билан бирга ўзи сезмаган ҳолда коинот бўйлаб тинимсиз айланаётгани маълум бўлади.

Ўзбек оналари фарзандларини "айланиб кетай сендан" дея эркалайдилар.

Тарихда иккита мамлакатни идора қилган темурийзода шох ва шоир Заҳириддин Муҳаммад Бобур оғир дардга чалинган фарзанди Хумоюннинг теварагида коинотдай айланиб, унга келган дардни ўзига ўтишини, ўғлининг соғайиб кетишини Яратгандан илтижо қилиб сўраганлари ҳақидаги ривоят ҳам айланиш тушунчаси билан боғлиқ.

Дарҳақиқат, агар Яратганнинг фазлу каромати билан йўқдан бор бўлган, йўқлик рамзи нол рақамидай айлана шаклли траекторияда ҳаракатланувчи олам айланишдан тўхтаса, ҳаёт ҳам тўхтайди.

Буни қарангки, кўз илғамас, тафаккурга сиғмайдиган чексиз коинот билан бир траектория бўйлаб ҳаракатланувчи одамзод ҳам яшаб, яшаб, охир бир куни тупроққа айланади.

Агар сенинг бир дона "айланиб" деган сўзинг Ер сайёрасининг ва космик туманликлардаги тамоми бошқа сайёраларнинг, галактика ва квазагалактикаларнинг ягона механик қонунга бўйсундирилган ҳолатда муттасил ва мангу айланиб туриши, инсон ва бошқа барча мавжудодларнинг жисмидаги қон айланиши, обкаш булутлар ташиб келтиргувчи сув буғланиб, яна осмонга қайтиши, ҳамда фасллар эврилишидай ақл бовар қилмас сирли система билан узвий боғлиқ бўлса, сенинг луғотингдаги қолган сўзларда қандай ҳикматлар яширин экан, эй менинг буюк, донишманд ва камтарин халқим?!

Эрта билан соат 8:52.
Канада, Онтерио.




Холдор Вулқон

Ўзбекистон Ёзувчилар уюшмасининг аъзоси


Гуллаб, яшнайвер, жонажон Ўзбекистон!

Бу дунёда қурилган йўллар, кўприклар ўз ташаббускорларига, молияловчи ҳомийларига, ҳамда қурувчиларига то рўзи қиёмат савобу ажру азимлар йўллаб туради дейдилар ҳурматли уламоларимиз.

Дарҳақиқат, собиқ иттифоқ замонида Андижон вилоятига раҳбарлик қилган, сою анҳорлар, каналлар устига бетон кўприклар солиб, замонавий йўллар қурдирган Бектош Раҳимовни андижонликлар ҳали ҳануз катта ҳурмат билан ёдга оладилар, ҳақларига дуо қиладилар.

Андижон вилояти собиқ ҳокими Қобилжон Обидов даврида вилоятнинг Асака туманида илк бор Ўзбекистон автомобилсозлигига асос солинди.

Афсуски авваллари онда сонда бўлсада, кечгача курсисида ялпайип, қулоғини қоғоз қисқич скрепка билан ковлаб, телефонда валақлаб, ишониб топширилган мансабини суйистеъмол қилиб, халқ мулки хисобланган иншоатларни ноқонуний йўллар билан қоқи баҳосига ё сув текинга хусусийлаштириб олгувчи нопок, қўли қинғир, пихини ёрган порахўр раҳбарлар ҳам учраб турар эди. Ўз киссасини ўйлайдиган ундай сохта раҳбарчалар "фаолиятидан" бирон эслашга арзигулик нарсанинг ўзи қолмаган.

Бугун янги, озод, демократик Ўзбекистон дунё ҳамжамияти кўзи ўнгида бутун бўйи басти билан юксалиб, гуллаб яшнамоқда.Чорак асрдан ортиқ вақт давомида йиғилиб қолган муаммолар ҳал этилмоқда. Жаҳон стандартлари талабига жавоб берадиган замонавий йўллар барпо қилиниб, мамлакатлараро иқтисодий ҳамкорликларнинг гарови бўлмиш, йўл коммуникация тармоқлари янгиланиб, кўприклар қурилмоқда, шаҳар ва қишлоқлар ободончилиги йўлида улкан ишлар амалга оширилмоқда.

Шу ўринда айтиб ўтиш жоизки, айнан Андижон Вилояти ҳокими Шухрат Абдураҳмонов раҳбарлигида Андижон шаҳри ва вилоятдаги бошқа шаҳру қишлоқлар таниб бўлмас даражада обод бўлгани инкор қилиб бўлмас тарихий ҳақиқатдир.

2003 ё 2004 йиллари эдими, валлохи аълам, ҳозир  аниқ эсимда йўқ, журналистик суриштирув ишлари билан мен Андижон вилояти, Избоскан тумани, "Чувама" қишлоқ фуқаролар йиғинига бордим.

Ёшлигимда болалар билан кўча чангитиб ўйнаб, деярли Чувамада катта бўлганим учун ҳам, бу қишлоқ менга бегона эмас эди ва унинг муаммоларига бефарқ қарай олмасдим.

Муаммоларни ўрганиш жараёнида менга қишлоқнинг ҳурматли оқсоқолларидан бири Нўмонжон ҳожи ака ҳамкорлик қилдилар.

Эшитишимча, у улуғ инсон бундан бир икки йил аввал боқий оламга сафар қилибдилар, жойлари Жаннатдан бўлсин. Ҳожи ака умр бўйи халқ ғами билан яшаб, жамиятдаги айрим муаммоларни кўтариб, хал этиш йўлларини қидиргувчи ҳақиқатпарвар, жасоратли инсон эдилар. Маълум бўлишича, ўша пайтлари Пастқишлоқ деб аталган маҳаллани катта ер билан боғлайдиган, Тентаксой устига қурилган омонат ёғоч кўприк шалоғи чиқиб ётар, Пастқишлоқдан мактабга қатнайдиган мактаб ўқувчиларидан айримлари ўша кўприкдан ўтаётиб, Тентаксойга тушиб кетар, ҳатто ўлим ҳоллари ҳам юз бериб турар экан.

Биз ҳожи ака билан ўша лапанглаб тургувчи, баҳорда сел тошқинларидан қутурган сой ярим ёлчисини ювиб, қийшайтирган омонат кўприкдан аранг ўтарканмиз, Пастқишлоқдан катта ерга қатнагувчи одамлару ўқувчиларнинг сабр тоқатига қойил қолганман ва уларга ич ичимдан ачинганман.

Қани энди етарли маблағим бўлсаю, шу кўприкни таъмирлаб, ёки янгитдан қуриб, ажру савобларга эга бўлсам, чувамаликларнинг дуоларини олсам дея ўйлаган эдим ўшанда.

Ҳожи ака билан югирдик, елдик, аммо ўша пайтдаги ҳокимлар берган вадаларининг устидан чиқмадилар ва бу муаммо муаммолигича қолиб кетди.

Куни кеча ўша Нўмон ҳожи ака раҳматлини ўйлантирган муаммо хал бўлганини, одам ўтгани қўрқадиган қилкўприк ўрнида шахсан Андижон Вилояти ҳокими Шухрат Абдурахмоновнинг ташаббуслари билан оғир юк машиналари ҳам бемалол қатнайверадиган мухташам янги бетон кўприк қурилгани эшитиб, чин дилдан қувондим ва Ўзбекистон Республикаси президенти Шавкат Миромонович Мирзиёев тамонидан белгиланган иқтисодий, сиёсий ва ижтимоий ислохатларни ҳаётга тадбиқ этиш йўлида ўзининг фидоий, ҳалол меҳнатлари билан Андижон вилоятини гуллатиб, яшнатаётган Шухрат Қўшоқбоевичга нисбатан ҳурматим янада ортди.

Ахир, ҳоким деган шундай ғайрат шижоатли, ҳалол ва адолатли бўлиши керакда.

Эрта билан соат 8:50.
Канада, Онтерио.

Холдор Вулқон


Ойдин сукунат
(Тоғам Ҳурмуҳаммад Кенжаевнинг порлоқ ҳотирасига)

Тоға, Чувамада ҳозир ҳойнаҳой,
Оқшом тушиб, қуёш ботгандир.
Оппоқ чинни товоқ каби ой,
Тентаксойда чўкиб ётгандир?

Тошқин бузган кўприк ходаси,
Тахталари ётгандир кўчиб?
Сув кечарди сигир подаси,
У кўприкдан ўтгани чўчиб.

Қуриллайди балки бақалар,
Қирғоқларда қамишлар оҳи.
Дайди тулки сувлар ёқалаб,
Қулоқ тутар жимликка гоҳи.

Сўқмоқ уни соҳилга бошлар,
Ғир ғир эсар тунги шабада.
Кўринар сув остида тошлар,
Боғбон эса ухлар капада.

Юлдузларни жимлик хоритар,
Олис осмон -овоз етмас жой.
Қабрингизни ғамгин ёритар,
Жим -жит, сокин сукунатда ой.

Тунги соат 1 дан 21 дақиқа ўтди.
Канада, Онтерио.

Андижон шаҳрига ўрнатилган шох ва шоир Заҳириддин Муҳаммад Бобур ёдгорлиги. Буюк ўзбек ҳайкалтароши Равшан Миртожиев асари. Бронза.




Холдор Вулкан

Член Союза писателей Узбекистана




Апкарм Камрямар


Жизнь такая странная штука, что человек, который живет в роскоши, богато и счастливо, в один миг может превратиться в нищего, в бомж. Вот Апкарм Камрямар тоже жил роскошной жизнью, как богатый аристократ.То есть он считал себя арийцем в сто крат.После того, как он стал нищим голодранцем, долгие годы жил без крови над головой.Спал там, где опустится ночь.Иногда под мостом,в теплотрассах, в ямах, в руинах и даже на кладбище, в старой могиле, которая рухнула.Где он только не жил! Однажды он увидел объявление, которое было приклеено на телеграфную столбу, около мусорного бака, где Апкарм Камрямар искал себе съедобного на завтрак.Там было написано о том, что есть престижная работа с хорошей зарплатой, для послушных и молчаливых людей.Прочитав это, Апкарм Камрямар заплакал от счастья, не стесняясь никого. Ну подумайте сами, человек долгие годы скитался по водопроводным колодцам, по руинам, по кладбищу, в поисках нормального жилья, а тут такое. Ему показалось, что работа довольно - таки интересная.Требуется только молчать. А он как раз живя долгие годы в одиночестве, почти разучился разговаривать с людьми, словно дикарь в необитаемом острове. Для него планета "Земля", как единственный обитаемый остров в вечном и бескрайнем космосе. Он чувствует себя одиноким, как само человечество. Работа - это деньги, а без денег нет жилья, без жилья нет жизни. Вот почему плачет Апкарм Камрямар. В таких ситуациях человек даже может сходить с ума от счастья.Говорят, что беда не приходит одна.Оказывается, счастье тоже не приходит одна.Сразу, после собеседование с начальником секретной конторы господином Бакатоновым Лайло Латиповичем, его приняли на работу.Поскольку его работа была секретной, мы не будем углублятся в подробностях в нашем рассказе, ради жизненной безопасности нашего литературного героя господина Апкарима Камрямара.Офис организации, где работал Апкарм Камрямар, располагался на старом чердаке заброшенного свинарника.Руководителем этой подпольной конторы являлся, как мы писали ранее, Бакатонов Лайло Латипович, лет сорока пяти, высокий, тощий, как шайтан, сутулый, с выпуклыми рыбьими глазами и с чересчур маленькой головой, похожей на носковок, то есть на карманного узколоба, где узбеки хранят табак, который они бросают под язык. Мы также не будем называть поименно других сотрудников этой сверхсекретной компании, так как мы не знаем как их зовут. Бакатонов Лайло Латипович каждое утро, перед тем, как приступить к работе, проводит в своем уютном кабинете летучку, давая всем своим сотрудникам тайные задачи, не производя при этом ни одного звука.В той организации все разговаривают между собой, на языке глухонемых, объясняя свои мысли жестью.Иногда они беседуют письменно, но полностью соблюдая конспирацию.При таких разговорах сотрудники либо должны съесть бумагу после разговора или же сжечь. На чердаке заброшенного свинарника, то есть в офисе, есть черный ход, через который сотрудники легко могут удрать, когда придут представители силовых структур, чтобы их арестовать и увезти в следственный изолятор для допроса.

Может наши читатели еще не знают о том, что Апкарима Камрямара отправили в психушку не за то, что он активно занимался политической деятельностью, разоблачая фальсификации и мошенничество крупных чиновников в верхнем эшелоне власти, которые день и ночь занимаются отмыванием грязных денег, тайно переправляя народные деньги через офшор в зарубежные банки. Нет, это совсем не так. Его упекли в психушку за то, что он реально сошел с ума.

Всё началось с зарплаты.В конце месяца привезли получку в огромном мешке в заброшенный свинарник.Когда Апкарм Камрямар подошел к кассе, чтобы получить свою месячную зарплату, кассир дал ему деньги вместе с одним лотерейным билетом.Это сильно разозлил нашего литературного героя, то есть тайного сотрудника секретной организации Апкарима Камрямара.

- Господин кассир -писал он на бумаге, ведя с казначеем письменный разговор, строго соблюдая конспирацию -Ну что это за безобразия а?!Что вы себе позволяете?! Нахера вы мне подсовываете безвыигрышный лотерейный билет, когда я выживаю, еле сводя концы с концами? Дайте мне мою зарплату полностью! Ведь я выполняю свои обязанности честно, строго соблюдая конспирацию, ни разу не производя звука, не смеясь, даже не чихая, как рыба в аквариуме! А вы вместо денег даете мне какую - то лотерею! У меня между прочем каждая копейка на счету и я должен женится, вы понимаете?! Берите обратно свою гребанную лотерею и отдайте мне свои кровные деньги, которые я заработал честным путем! -написал Апкарм Камрямар, осторожно оглядываясь вокруг.
Кассир,прочтав записку, сильно расстроился и тоже разгневанно начал писать на бумаге -Почему вы мне кричите, господин Апкарм Камрямар?!Причем тут я и, что я могу сделать, ежели мне велел продать эти лотереи сотрудникам нашей организации сам господин Бакатонов Лайло Латифович?! Эти претензии не ко мне!Так что не мешайте работать!Не то, позову охрану, незаметно нажав на эту красную кнопку тревоги или, собственноручно пристрелю вас в упор с помощью табельного оружия по марке "Макарка" с глушителем, без какого либо суда и следствии! - написал он.
Прочитав записку взахлеб, Апкарм Камрямар, аккуратно скомкал бумагу и спешно съел ее.Даже запил водой.

-Ну и живодеры вы проклятые! Худоё Худовандо тешиб чиксин! Да чтобы мои деньги проткнули ваше горло! - написал на бумаге Апкарм Камрямар, и как только кассир прочел написанное, вытащив с кармана зажигалку, сжег бумажку, где были запечатлены его слова во время разговора с казначеем.Он сжег их, чтобы уничтожить улику навсегда, не оставляя зацепку следователям и прокурорам.
В тот день Апкарм Камрямар, выполнив сверхсекретную задачу,вернулся домой пораньше и увидел по дороге своего соседа Гуррама, который жил бедно в шалаше со своей большой семьей и торговал жаренными семечками тыквы, установив около своего шалаша шаткий стол, у которого отсутствовала одна ножка.Увидев своего нищего соседа, который сидел укутываясь в ватный чапан с многочисленными заплатками, в голову Апкарима Камрямара взбрела такая шальная идея, что у него в глубине души просветлело, как колодец под ярко сияющей луной.

-Самый раз реализовать лотерею, купив стаканчик жаренных семечек тыквы у этого придурка Гуррама -подумал он, хитро улыбаясь.

-Ну, здравствуй, успешный предприниматель Гуррам! Все торгуешь? Ну, торгуй, торгуй, только не людьми - предупредил Апкарм Камрямар своего бедного соседа, как тайный сотрудник засекреченный загадочной конторы.

- Здравствуйте, господин Апкарм Камрямар.Слава Богус, не жалуемся.Живем как говорится, мало мальски, питаясь чем Бог пошлет-ответил предприниматель Гуррам, скромно.

-Мне стаканчик жаренных семечек тыквы, пожалуйста, сказал Апкарм Камрямар.
-Сию минуту, господин Апкарм Камрямар, откройте пошире ваш карманчик -сказал предприниматель Гуррам.Потом осторожно положил жаренные семечки в карманы брюков Апкарима Камрямара.Потом начал рекламировать свой товар, говоря о полезности жаренных семечек тыквы для организма человека.

-Ешьте почаще жаренных семечек тыквы, ежели вам хочется жить подольше, господин Апкарм Камрямар.Потому что жареные семечки тыквы берегут вас от язвы в желудке от гастрита и рака.Они выгоняют двухметровых плоских бледных и отвратительных червей паразитов, которые живут внутри человека, как в собственной усадьбе и, быстро размножаются, откладывая там свои личинки - сказал он.

-Спасибо за полезный совет, успешный предприниматель господин Гуррам!Ты прям как врач терапевт с высшим образованием.Как ученый биолог академии наук!Тебе бы преподавать в медицинских вузах уроки по биологии а не торговать здесь жаренными семечками тыквы! -усмехнулся Апкарм Камрямар, протягивая Гурраму ту лотерею, которая выдал ему кассир сверхсекретной конторы, где он работает тайным сотрудником.

-А что это?! Это же не деньги! Вы наверно перепутали денежные купюры с просроченной лотереей, господин Апкарм Камрямар!-сказал Гуррам, протягивая лотерею обратно хозяину.

-Нет, я ничего не перепутал, предприниматель Гуррам и, этот лотерейный билет не просрочен.Если не поверишь на мои слова, то можешь прочитать.Там написано дата розыгрыша этого лотерейного билета.А что я могу делать, ежели кассир нашей сверхсекретной конторы выдал мне эту лотерею вместе с моей заработной платой?Ну, куда я его дену, сам вроде чек нормальный, подумай, Гуррамджан -сказал Апкарм Камрямар, спокойно лузгая жареные семечки тыквы, которые только что купил.

-Нееее, заберите свой лотерейный билет обратно и, немедленно отдайте мои деньги!Мне не нужен лотерейный билет!Эвон сколько людей тратят свои денежные средства, купив этих проклятых лотерейных билетов и ничего не выигрывают!Отдайте мои деньги, не то вызову людей на помощь! -сказал Гуррам.

-Ах ты хредхрениматель вонючий! Ты хоть знаешь, кто я?! Я же работаю тайным сотрудником в строго засекреченной конторе! Ты даже не успеешь вызвать людей на помощь и мои коллеги внезапно и бесшумно появятся здесь, словно отряд ниндзя в средневековой Японии и увезут тебя, повесив на палку туда, откуда никто никогда не возвращается назад.Ты этого хочешь да?! Хочешь сгнить заживо в мрачных подземных карцерах нашей подпольной конторы?! Ну, давай, вызовы своих людей, ежели надоело тебе жить в этом прекрасном мире! - сказал Апкарм Камрямар.

-Нууу, господин Ап... -сказал предприниматель Гуррам. Но его слова тут же перебил Апкарм Камрямар.

-Никаких ну, слышишь, Гуррам, никаких! Ато лишишься всех вот этих твоих жаренных семечек тыквы, кои лежат в мешочке, то есть я их конфискую -пригрозил Апкарм Камрямар.

Услышав это, предприниматель Гуррам сильно испугался.

-Нет, нет... то есть, все, договорились, господин Апкарм Камрямар.Всё, я не буду с вами спорить - тихо сказал, усмирись наконец он.

Через месяц предприниматель Гуррам, живущий в шалаше, вместе со своей большой семьей и с тещей, выиграл сумасшедшие деньги в лотерейный билет, который принудительно оставил ему сотрудник засекреченной конторы Апкарм Камрямар.Успешный предприниматель Гуррам выиграл джекпот в размере сто миллионов долларов США. Мало того, он построил пятиэтажный особняк, с огромным бассейном внутри, там, где недавно располагался его шалаш и торговал жаренными семечками тыквы.Еще, он открыл дорогой ресторан в центре города под названием "Золотая тыква". Предприниматель Гуррам вставил себе золотые зубы и стал ездить на рукодельном дорогом автомобиле "Роллс -ройс" иногда, на "Ламбарджин" с позолоченным корпусом.Также он по воскресеньем выходил на свое поместье верхом на скакуне туркменской породы "Ахалтекин", с длинными и нежными гривами и таким же хвостом на царскую охоту с арбалетом в руках, в сопровождении своих нукеров, кои протяжно трубили в охотничий рожок. Свора королевских борзых собак с золотыми ошейниками, лаяли хором, оглушая всю окрестность, дружно гоняясь за зайцами.

Увидев такое Апкарм Камрямар окончательно сошел с ума и попал в психбольницу.
Сегодня ему удалось совершить побег из приюта, благодаря густому осеннему туману.Он бежал по кукурузному полю, без оглядки, не смотря на порезы в лицах и в губах и в руках от засохших острых листьев кукурузы, похожие на сабли древних воинов. Не смотря на то, что заблудился в густом осеннем тумане, Апкарм Камрямар шел наугад по кукурузному полю, словно слепой.Хотя Апкариму Камрямару трудно было продвигаться в густом и непроглядном тумане, но в душе его все же было спокойно, так как люди, которые преследовали его, сбились с пути, благодаря туману и, теперь у него есть шанс скрыться от них навсегда, избавившись от принудительного лечения в дурдоме.Как хорошо жить на свободе, без надзирателей, которые чуть что обрабатывают резиновой дубинкой, колотя до полусмерти и надевают на больного рубаху, туго скрутив длинные рукава, заставляя пить отвратительных жидкостей. Как хорошо, что сегодня, рано на рассвете ему удалось сбежать из приюта, где лечатся душевнобольные, страдающие шизофренией.Теперь вот, он, слава Богу, почти на свободе. Его спас густой осенний туман. Апкарм Камрямар бежал стремительно по кукурузному полю басиком, в полосатой больничной пижаме, несмотря на засохшие листья кукурузы, похожие на острые сабли, кои резали ему лицо, губы и руки.Шел холодный и мелкий дождь.Кукурузы под дождем хором шептали, придавая таинственность зыбким туманам и безлюдному кукурузному полю. Апкарм Камрямар бежал и на бегу слышал, как громко и хрипло каркали злые, картавые вороны, пролетая над его головой. Он улавливал шелест их крыльев сквозь туман.Ему нужно бежать, как можно быстрее и, оставив преследователей далеко позади, которые могут включить к его поиску оперативную группу со злыми служебными собаками, словно в кино. Апкарм Камрямар в детстве смотрел много фильмов про узников концентрационных лагерей, совершивших побег, за которыми гонялись злые служебные собаки гитлеровских фашистов. Бег для Апкариму Камрямару в одной полосатой больничной босиком по осеннему кукурузному полю, сквозь холодный и непроглядный туман, трудно, но полезно.Так как в такой дождливой, холодной пасмурной и сырой погоде человек легко может захворать, прихватив воспаление легких.Он должен быстрее двигаться вперед для того, чтобы не замерзнуть и не умереть от переохлаждения. Ему казалось, что кукурузному полю нет конца и края.
Апкарм Камрямар бежал до тех пор, пока он не свалился на землю от бессилии и усталости.Он прекрасно знал, что если сейчас не встанет на ноги и, не продолжает свой бег, то в скором он может замерзнуть и, умереть или же, попасть в руки преследователей.Но как бы он ни старался встать на ноги, ему не удавалось сохранить баланс и падал на землю.Именно тогда он увидел тусклый силуэт какой - то двери в зыбком тумане и, страшно обрадовался.-Ну спасибо тебе, Гоподи за то, что ты не оставил меня в трудные минуты!Все, я спасен! Сейчас постучу в эту дверь и она откроется, как ворота рая. Может за этой дверью живут добрые люди и, они приютят меня хотя бы на ночь. Встану ранним утром, поблагодарю за хлеб, за соль и сново в путь, как говорится от греха подальше -подумал Апкарм Камрямар.Такими мыслями, двигаясь на четвереньках он осторожно подошел к двери и, начал стучать.Но никто не спешил открыть дверь, как будто за ней никто не живет.Как раз в это время Апкариму Камрямару послышались нервный лай псов и он испугался. -Ах, сволочи! Оказывается, они идут за мной, чтобы поймать меня с помощью злых собак - подумал Апкарм Камрямар и это опасение дало ему дополнительную силу и он еще с большой силой стал колотить в дверь. К этому времени лай собак стал доноситься еще четче и четче.Судя по их голосу можно было предполагать, что оперативная группа со служебными собаками, беря правильное направление плотно приближались к месту, где лежит Апкарм Камрямар и стучал беспрестанно в дверь.Он так долго и сильно стучал кулаками своими в дверь, что его кулаки заалели от крови.Но не смотря на это, Апкарм Камрямар продолжал бить, колотить и ударить ногой по двери изо всех сил, чтобы вышибить ее.
-Хозяева! Есть кто-нибудь дома?! Откройте, пожалуйста, меня преследуют злые люди! Помогите!Они могут меня поймать и отправить обратно в дурдом! - кричал он, колотя в дверь и чуть не плача. Теперь он стал ударить по двери головой.Он наносил такие сильные удары головой по двери, что с его головы начала сочиться кровь. Косой дождь всё шелестел шепотом, о чем - то тихо судача с засохшими осенними кукурузами, образуя красную лужу там, где лежал Апкарм Камрямар. Тут неожиданно открылась дверь и, Апкарм Камрямар замер от удивления.Потому что у распахнутой двери стояли люди в белых халатах со смирительной рубахой в руках. В соседней палате больные хором гавкали, имитируя лай злых собак.

12:32 дня.
Канада, г. Бремптон.




Холдор Вулқон

Ўзбекистон Ёзувчилар уюшмасининг аъзоси


Шоирнинг сурати маърифатимиз жонкуярларидан бири Давронбек Тожиалиевнинг "Зиё.Уз" сайтидан олинди.

Дўст ёди

Равшан Файз қисқа умр кечирган бўлсада, жисман ҳалок бўлган эсада, унинг юракка яқин, дардли, лирик шеърлари мангу сўнмас чироқлар маржони каби шеъриятнинг бепоён дала даштлари ортида маюс порлаб, шууримиз зулматларини ёритаверади.

Унинг шеърларини ўқиган инсон руҳияти тозаради, қалб кўзи равшанлашади.

Равшан Файз гарчанд Тошкентда истиқомат қилсада, доимо ўз она қишлоғини соғиниб, унга талпиниб яшади, соғинчини ўз лирик шеърларида акс этдирди.

Унинг шеърларини ўқир экансиз, Самарқанд билан Жиззах орасидаги Нурота тоғларида тумшуқларини тошларга қайрагувчи какликларнинг, Қўшработ далалари этагидаги жийдазорларда сайраётган каккуларнинг хасратли оҳи, ботиш шуълаларига йўғрилган шомги теракзорларда қулоқни батанга келтириб сайрагувчи қушлар шовқинини ва ойдинда чириллаётган чигирткаларнинг товушларини эшитаётгандай бўласиз гўё.

Равшан Файз шундай ажойиб шоир эди.У мен почта орқали юборган бир дона шеъримни ўқиб, Холдоржон, тезлик билан 10 та шеърингизни машинкалаб, журналга юборинг дея менга жавоб мактуби йўллаганди.

Шеърларим "Ёшлик" журналида суратим билан эълон қилинди.Аммо тақдир тақазосими, менга Равшан билан учрашиш насиб этмади.

Равшан оламдан ўтиб кетди.Худо раҳмат қилсин.

У газетавий техник қуруқ сўзлардан иборат бақир чақирни, фисқу фасодни, шундай оғзаки айтиб қўйса ҳам бўладиган оддий, одми гапларни кимгадир етказиш учун шеърни овора қилмайдиган, илоҳий сўз санъати қадрини баланд тутадиган юксак дидли, лирик шоир эди.

Равшан бир умр ойдин, боқий, мангу ўлмас мавзуларда туйғули лирик шеърлар ёзиб ўтди.

"Ёшлик " журналида узоқ йиллар адабиёт бўлимини бошқарган бу шоир адабиётимизга сидқидил, ҳалол хизмат қилди.

Равшан Файз маҳаллийчиликни, ғийбатни, макру ҳийлани, қитмирликни, бахилликни, хасадгўйликни, дилозориликни билмасди.

Ҳаммага яхшилик истаб, доим бошқа ижодкорларга қўлидан келганича ёрдамлашарди.

Жойинг Жаннатдан бўлсин, дўстим!



Холдор Вулқон


(Ўзбекнинг энг ёниқ шоирларидан бири Равшан Файз хотирасига)

Шеърларингда баҳор, булут босқини,
Шаррос қуяр гоҳо шиддатли жала.
Дарё издан чиқар, баҳор тошқини,
Кўринмай кетади ёмғирда дала.

Мойчечак лабидан авайлаб ўпар.
Ёзги ўтлоқларда дайди капалак.
Чуғурчуқ бўрони гувиллаб ўтар,
Хайқирар қушларга боғбон капада.

Куз келар, эгнида хазон ямоғи,
Гала гала учар жанубга қушлар.
Кўчманчи қушларнинг йўқдай саноғи
Эл қарар осмонга, ёқасин ушлаб.

Англолмас кўргани тушми ё ўнги,
Кимсасиз, туманли далалар рохи.
Сўю самоларга кетади сингиб,
Турналарнинг маҳзун фарёди оҳи.

2003 йил , 27 ноябр . Тунги соат
9 дан 30 минут ўтди. Андижон.

Шеър 13/01/2021 санада, Канадада қайта ишланди.



Холдор Вулкан

Член Союза писателей Узбекистана

Поле бумаги вспахивая пером

(Памяти моего друга, великолепного узбекского поэта Равшан Файз)

Уж вечер насупил темные брови,
Поразительно ярко сияет луна.
Молча освещая безлюдные дороги,
По небу беспечно бродит она.

Крошет пушинки одуваничиков лето,
Вода монотонно воркует в речке.
А ветер росу сбивает с травы,
Доносятся псов переклички.

Гуляют по полям ветры долин,
Луна ярко сияет над селом.
Человек, как трактор пашет вдали,
Поле бумаги вспахивая пером.

11:11 дня.
Канада, Онтерио.

cc5f0c5ce00463f63803c31d61bc7092 (220x300, 14Kb)


Равшан Файз 1959 йил 1 январда Самарқанд вилоятининг Қўшработ тумани, Қўралос  қишлоғида туғилган. ТошДУнинг ўзбек филологияси факультетини тамомлаган (1986). “Мен шамолни тутволдим” (1992) болалар учун шеърий тўплами, “Ухлаётган одам” (1989), “Ташриф” (1990), “Кел, эй кўнглим”(1997) каби китоблари нашр этилган. 1995 йил 30 августда Тошкент шаҳрида (автоҳалокат туфайли) вафот этган.

Равшан Файз




Эй ота юрт, эй туғишган эл,
Мен бир ўсмир, мен битта гулни
Орзу-ҳавас деган танти ел
Қай бир баҳор бағрингдан юлди.

Сўнг тақдирга раҳматлар айтиб,
Ўшал юксак орзумга етдим:
Тиним билмас девона, дайди
Шамолларга айланиб кетдим.

Улангандим юрагим билан
Асли сенинг жону жисминга.
Энди яна бу дунё бир кам –
Орзуйим йўқ, армоним мингта!

Энди тунлар юрагим оғрир,
Соғинаман сени, қишлоғим,
Даштларингни эслайман оғир
Қояларга урилган чоғим.

Туриб-туриб келади кўргим,
Сен-чи, сен ҳам садо бергин, ҳой,
Билинарми ҳали ҳам ўрним,
Оғрийдими мен юлинган жой?!





Бу шеърни Ўзбекистонда хизмат кўрсатган артист Маҳмуд Номозов ажойиб қўшиққа айлантирган.


Кўнглима орзулар солган, қишлоғим,
Олис-олисларда қолган, қишлоғим.

Келиб қоларми деб, ҳар саҳар, ҳар шом,
Кўзлари йўлимда толган, қишлоғим.

Менинг мақсадимдан кўнглим кўп тўқдир,
Армон нишонига тегмаган ўқдир.

Орзунинг измида ҳамон ҳаётим,
Лекин бу йўлларнинг адоғи йўқдир.

Айтгил, сенмасмиди мен танлаган йўл,
Сайрга элтмасмиди мен танлаган йўл.

Олис-олисларда оворадурман,
Борса-келмасмиди мен танлаган йўл.


Келиб қоларми деб, ҳар саҳар, ҳар шом,
Кўзлари йўлимда толган, қишлоғим.


0_c3d3f_4c0c2109_XL (700x462, 134Kb)