Holder Volcano

Member of the Uzbek Union of Writers

An article about the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, written in 2014.

Addresses of Holder Volkano to the presidents of all countries of the world.

Dear sirs!

The war in Ukraine is a black hole in the galaxy of the world community and it threatens the last big, thermonuclear war for all mankind. What is happening now in Ukraine is just a flower. This is just the beginning. The beginning of the end.

Yes, tens of thousands of people have died in Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries of the world, and they are still dying. Especially innocent children who have no relation to confrontations. Millions and millions of people became refugees, forced to leave their native places where they were born, grew up, fell in love, married and lived happily until the war broke out there. Beautiful cities collapsed to the ground, the economy of the warring countries collapsed. The infrastructure built for centuries has failed, where universal famine and devastation are rampant.

But the war was going on there and is still going on in the middle east not for the territorial integrity of a particular state. That's where the difference is.
A war for territories has been unleashed between Russia and Ukraine, where the parties dictate their rightness in their own way and you don't know who is right here and who to believe.

Pro-Ukrainian experts say that Russia has cut off Crimea and continues to violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine, they say, what would Russia do if they annexed part of its territory?

And the pro-Russian ones say that the war in Ukraine is worse for Russia than to cut off part of its territory, and what would a particular country do when military bases are being built near its border?

And some people think that during the war Russia will finally get tired and its economy will collapse to the ground, the discontent of the people will increase inside Russia itself and a civil war will break out, breaking it apart.

There are other opinions that Russia will not get tired, on the contrary, the war in Ukraine unites the patriots of Russians as never before and, as a single organism, they will fight against world fascism, liberating the territory of Ukraine from them, as in the Second World War. Then the surrender, the new Nuremberg and all that. long story short, many people hope that everything will fall into place in the near future.

And what if NATO starts actively supporting Ukraine militarily? What then?
In this case, the pressures of Europe and the West will automatically contribute to the discussion to strengthen military-technical cooperation with China.

Yes, Western and European sanctions may partially weaken Russia's economic power, but sanctions cannot solve the political problems that have arisen in the world.

It is obvious that a political procedure of this kind does not heal the open bleeding wounds of the world community, on the contrary, it gives a side effect, severing trade and economic ties of states around the world.

To drive this or that state into a corner in such ways is very dangerous and fraught with consequences. That is, this method of punishment forces the cornered state to apply the last measure. I hope you all understand what I'm talking about.

So wake up, gentlemen presidents, and do not be naive, thinking that the war in Ukraine is controlled and, they say we have a reliable Anti-missile defense, a space shield and with what you can prevent the danger.

Here we must not forget about the guarantee that there is no guarantee in the world that the other side of the barricade has not developed new types of ultramodern nuclear missiles beyond the control of our or your space shields. That's where the danger that threatens all of humanity lies.

They say that only victory will stop the war. But this so-called victory will cost too much for the belligerents, since it is won at the cost of the lives of millions and millions of innocent people.

War is a spark that arises when the geopolitical and economic interests of the parties clash and turns into a terrible fire that covers all the territories of the planet.

In order to realize, feel or somehow experience the pain and suffering of those people who have become hostages of the warring parties, a person should try to mentally put themselves, their children, their family in their place for at least an hour, at least for a minute.

When a fire breaks out, we shout, call the fire fighters and run, clutching buckets in our hands to put out the fire. When forests are burning, we take helicopters and Emergency Situations planes into the air to localize a forest fire.

Why are we sitting idly by when the World is burning, where hundreds and thousands of people are dying?! Where many innocent children are dying!

We have one universal house, one planet!
Here everyone has to do something to stop the war.
Why are those people who are the first responsible persons for the preservation of human life, for the preservation of peace and tranquility on the planet, inactive?

Gentlemen presidents, the peoples voted for you, entrusting their destinies to you, and today you must feel responsible not only to your peoples, but also to humanity.
Find ways to prevent bloodshed in Ukraine before the whole planet explodes.

With great respect to all the Presidents of the states of the world, Uzbek writer Holder Volkano.

11:37 p.m.
Brampton, Canada.